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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

18 November 2010

I have been so excited to see this has been coming up – and now we only have a few hours to wait until the new Harry Potter Movie is on the big screens.  Are you as excited as I am? 

With the movie being released and the second part of the movie opening next year… we are heading towards the end of an era.  The Harry Potter era. 

So my question for today is (and in honour of the movie it is a two-part question!):

1. Will you see the last two movies on the big screen?…. and

2. Do you actually prefer the books rather than the movies (where your imagination can run wild)?


Tomorrow when the war began – book series now the film!

30 September 2010

Ok so the scenario might sound way out there, but there is a real sense of reality to John Marsden’s Tomorrow when the war began. Marsden manages to make you believe that this is really happening. I felt as though I was right there with the group of kids as they return home from a camping trip to find their town ambushed, abandoned and under attack. Ellie, Corrie, Robyn, Lee, Kevin, Homer and Fi find themselves up against an enemy who has invaded their town and stolen their family and friends.  They learn that everyone in the town has been locked up at the showgrounds, or rounded up and sent there. The big houses in town have been taken over by this invading enemy. The friends hide wherever they can, eat whatever they can find in the abandoned homes and come to meet up another friend in hiding, Chris, who fills them in on what has been going on.  

Ellie is the leader and narrator of the book (and the film), I felt as though I was in her mind right from the opening chapters. The description of the characters first reactions to this situation they find themselves in is really well written. The story asks some tough questions, “Would you fight? Would you give up everything?” Figuring out what to do next though becomes a defining problem for the group of teens.

Together they pool their resources, skills and  knowledge to fight against the enemy.  Overall, it a tale of survival, a fast paced read suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy the adventure genre.

I also liked the Aussie setting and the fact that John Marsden uses Aussie slang terms, I found this easy to relate to and fun to read. Tomorrow when the war began is the first book in the Tomorrow series and all can be borrowed from the Gold Coast Library Service. The film follows the book almost perfectly and the young, mainly Aussie cast do a fantastic job of making the story come to life. I recommend you read the book then go see the movie (the action stunts are worth making the effort to watch it on the big screen!!)

Writtten by Sam (Helensvale Library) also posted on Book Coasters!

Adventure and Spy series

4 March 2010

If you are  looking for a series of spy and adventure novels  try The Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.  There are eight stories in the series:  Stormbreaker, Point Blanc, Eagle Strike, Skeleton Key, Scorpia, Snake Head and  Ark Angel.  Three of these book Stormbreaker, Point Blanc and Skeleton Key are also published as graphic novels

Stormbreaker was made into a movie in 2006

 Other series to try are  “Fearless” and “Fearless FBI”  by Francine Pascal.

Special Agents by Sam Hutton and Spy High by A. J. Butcher

Fantastic Mr. Fox: A (very brief!) Movie Review

15 January 2010


So, I had intentions of seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Moonlight Cinema – had my tickets booked and paid for, picnic packed – and then it rained. Four weeks later, I have finally managed to see one of my highly anticipated films of 2009, albeit a little too late!

Fantastic Mr Fox is obviously a film adaptation of the Roald Dahl’s much beloved book of the same title. The director Wes Anderson, with the help of his brother Eric, used Dahl’s characters from the book and gave them life through personalised wardrobes, celebrity voices (including Meryl Streep, George Clooney and Bill Murray) and stop-motion animation. The result is beautiful, quirky and incredibly cool.  You can see some of the masses of detail that must have been out into the creation of each character here.

The plot centers around Mr. Fox and his family, and their battle with three bully farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. There are a couple of very close calls for Mr. Fox, as well as an upsetting kidnapping, but with the smarts of his friends and family Mr. Fox manages to come out on top, quite literally.

This is one of those children’s movies that’s not really just for children. Yes, it is based on a novel aimed at kids, but there are jokes that will be picked up by teens and adults that smaller children will miss entirely. There really is something in it for everyone. But be quick: considering there’s currently only one screening of this film at most major cinemas on the Coast, this lovely film won’t be around on the big screen for too much longer.

Where the Wild Things Are: A Movie Review

4 December 2009

Yesterday was the opening of the highly anticipated Where the Wild Things Are, and I rushed from work to see it on opening night. I know we’ve carried on about it a bit leading up to the release, so it’s no surprise that I had pretty high expectations.

The original story of cheeky Max venturing away to the world where the wild things are has obviously been padded out substantially thanks to one of my favourite authors, Dave Eggers. The beginning sees a somewhat lonely Max seeking attention from his older sister and newly dating mother and obviously missing his Dad, wherever he may be. This introduction works really well and Max Records, who plays Max does such a wonderful job. Max is an adorable and imaginative boy with very intense emotions, and eventually this intensity builds to a point which brings him to flee to the world where the wild things are.

And oh, the wild things! I promised myself I wouldn’t fill my review simply with my affection for these loveable monsters and their perfect voices (James Gandolfini who voices Carol is just so perfect), but it’s going to be difficult not to. At first I felt amazement seeing the monsters move, speak, smile, cry etc., but beyond that point I didn’t think about people in suits, actors in a studio or clever animatronics and CGI. They were simply characters as real as Max was. They were all hilarious, scary and heart-breaking at the same time.

Without giving away any spoilers, I definitely have favourite parts. I loved seeing how elements in Max’s world and the people in it are reflected in the traits of each monster. Bob and Terry really made me laugh and the closing scene almost had me in tears. This movie really swept me up and away and I loved that.

All the elements just sat right for me: the actors, the music (done by the wonderful Karen O and a bunch of kids), the Victorian forest… Maurice Sendak recently said in an interview that this isn’t just a film version of his books, rather Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are and I think that’s pretty spot on. It’s more a re-creation.

So please, go out and see it and tell me what you think! Don’t worry about expectations, you won’t be disappointed.

Speaking of films…

6 November 2009

A quick post!

I’ve just checked up on the details of the film adaptation of Tomorrow, When the War Began, and they’ve started filling out some details about the production, most importantly the cast! Is this old hat?

For fans of Neighbours, Caitlin Stasey who played Rachel Kinski will be playing Ellie.

Alice In Wonderland – I hope so!

25 June 2009

I like to pretend that I’m organised and on the ball, so I’m getting in early. Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is due for release in March, 2010. The characters look AMAZING! I don’t know too many details about the film but have a look at the photos released so far at IMDb. AMAZING!

And… Alice is played by an Australian actor!
Mia Wasikowska who has had parts in All Saints, Suburban Mayhem and In Treatment. I don’t recognise her but maybe you will when you look at the movie slide-show.

I’m excited!
(but I’m even more excited about Where the Wild Things Are)

Tomorrow when the war began to (finally) hit the big screen!

18 June 2009

Australian screen writer Stuart Beattie (who co wrote Australia) will be making his directorial debut with a film version of the John Marsden classic, Tomorrow when the war began.

The plan is for the filmmakers to turn the first three novels into movies, with the option of spinning the next four off into a tv series if the films are successful.

Filming starts in September. I’ve been waiting since the mid 90s, when I first read Tomorrow, for this announcement! I’ll certainly be queuing up for my ticket!

More info

Lost symbol found!

2 May 2009

You might remember that a while back, we made a post about the much-anticipated and long overdue sequel to The DaVinci code… 

Well, at long last, Dan Brown’s publishers have confirmed that The lost symbol will be published in Australia on 15 September this year. No less than 6.5 million copies will be printed in the initial print run. Whoa!

For more information, check out the Random House website. If you’re really keen, you can even place your hold on a library copy now, ready for the September release.

While we’re on the topic of Dan Brown, you might be interested to know that the  Angels and demons movie will be released in Australia on 14 May. More info and trailers are available on the official movie website.

Stardust and blogs

29 April 2009

200px-stardust_promo_poster1I recently finished the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman.  I’ve read some of his other books such as Coraline (the movie is due in Australian cinemas later this year) but even though I’d seen the movie version of Stardust I had not yet read the book.

It’s a good read with a number of strange and fantastical characters making an appearance.  Written prior to the movie it follows a similar story, involving the characters Tristran Thorn and Yvaine the fallen star.  Young shop-boy Tristran sets out on a journey through the magical land of Faerie in search of a fallen star to gift to local beauty Victoria.  During this journey (I don’t want to give away too many details if you haven’t seen the movie/read the book already) he encounters witches, princes, fallen stars, unicorns, fairies and much more.  However, Tristran is not the only person searching for the fallen star and once found the star must be kept safe from a trio of witch-queens who would use it to restore their youth and beauty.

I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of the movie or if you like stories about fantastical journeys, strange creatures, cunning princes and devious witches.  If you’d like to read the graphic novel or see the movie, you can also find them at the library.  Author Neil Gaiman has a website and an interesting blog, if you’d like to learn more about his work.