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QUIRKY flowers

22 October 2010

Spring has sprung, so this month blurb it has been thinking about flowers.
Things like….

Stolen flowers! Did you hear about the Van Gogh painting that went missing from a Cairo museum? Although reportedly recovered a few hours later, this was incorrect and the painting, valued at A$56 million, is still missing. This painting was also stolen 30 years ago and subsequently recovered. Or was it? A copy sold a year after the alleged recovery for A$45 million, so maybe this year’s thieves have stolen the real fake.

Gardeners in the UK are being encouraged to pander to the floral preferences of bumblebees. The BBC reported that bumblebees, which make significant contributions to the British economy through their tireless pollination work, would much prefer striped or red flowers and that gardeners should plant accordingly. Research on whether bumblebees would also like tiny hammocks for relaxation and more baroque music in gardens is continuing. 🙂

Bloodflower is the hugely praised first novel from Christine Hinwood. Young Cam returns to his home from war alone, all his fellow soldiers slain. What has he seen and endured that has left him so damaged? Is he true, or a traitor? His life and the lives of those around him are woven together in this gorgeous story of adventure, history and romance.