Musically QUIRKY

27 July 2010 by

This month blurb it has been thinking about music.
Things like….

Rolling Stone Australian edition – if you haven’t discovered this music magazine, check one or two out from the library and kick back with the inside story on bands, movies and more. It’s still going strong after 40 years of being published Down Under (having started up just a few years after the founding of the original magazine in San Francisco in 1967). You can also access the American magazine through the library’s online databases – or follow this link Rolling Stone and go through the click here prompt. And no, the mag wasn’t named after the band but after the old blues song by Muddy Waters, which admittedly is also where Brian Jones, the original lead guitarist for the Stones, got their name.

Cool cats! It’s not just people who can experience the benefits of relaxation music – according to recent research music can also soothe stressed cats. The study tested cats in cages at a veterinary centre, which is a pretty stressful spot for a cat. They played yoga meditation and Om Shanti music to half of them. These cats had a much lower respiration rate than the others who hadn’t been assuming the lotus position and breathing in… breathing out…. and in….. and out….

If you had to describe yourself with a colour, would you want it to be Beige? – Think bland – think boring – think Beige. It’s what Katy gets nicknamed when she is sent to L.A. to get to know her long absent dad. He’s the drummer for infamous punk bank, Suck, and plays music that Katy finds dangerous and disturbing. This book by Cecil Castellucci comes with a list of recommended music and every chapter heading is a song title. Grab the book, load up your mp3 and throw yourself into the whole punk scene.


Need help with your assignments?

13 July 2010 by

With school holidays over it’s time to start thinking about those school assignments again. Doing all that research can sometimes be a bit time consuming and often what you do find, isn’t always useful. But… your local public library is here to help!

Apart from the obvious books that the library has, there is also an extensive collection of online databases that you can access from home or school. These databases contain up-to-date information, maps and articles on a huge range of topics. Some of the ones which you might find useful for school assignments are the encyclopaedias and dictionaries, Proquest Science Journals, Science Resource Center, History Resource Center and World Geography and Culture, just to name a few.

To access these databases, all you need is access to the Internet and your library card. Log in to the library’s online catalogue, click on the online resources link and select your subject area. It’s as simple and easy as that!

Japan Love / Japan Ai

12 July 2010 by

Let me start off by saying, I’m not known for enjoying graphic novels. Actually, I’ve only read a couple. But I did find one in the library that I think is pretty fab. Perfect for anyone who has ever felt a little different or out of place. It’s called… (drum roll please) Japan Ai – A tall girl’s adventures in Japan by Aimee Major Steinberger. I can really relate to the funny stories in this book, even though I would never be described as tall. (hmmm not anywhere near tall, more like short)

Anyway, this gn is a travelogue of all the cool things that Aimee experiences while in the land of the rising sun. It’s very funny! and short! and lots of pictures! My kind of book.

Give it a read and tell us what you think. What’s a great gn that you have read lately?

Hip hop pop classic rock

9 July 2010 by

This month’s theme is


Movies that turn you into a sooky la la

8 July 2010 by

This school holidays has seen a lot of movies released aimed at us teens, kids and the young at heart.  We’ve had the long awaited Toy Story 3 and Eclipse, along with Shrek: The Final Chapter, Marmaduke and The Karate Kid.

The other day I happened to fall upon an article that claimed that Toy Story 3 is causing even grown men to cry! I have to admit I haven’t seen it yet, but if grown men are crying (which is totally an okay thing to do by the way) then I will be the biggest, sobbing, wailing sooky la la of them all when it comes to watching this flick.  I’m not too sure if I’m looking forward to that or not :).

When it comes to crying when watching a movie I seem to be a real sucker when it comes to animals.  Put something fluffy and cute in front of me and I’ll start ahhing and awwing and blubbering away very quickly e.g. Marley and Me, I was a mess!

With this in mind, it made me think about what movies you guys have seen that have produced a little tear in the eye or a pain in your throat from trying to hold back the tears.  I myself seem to cry not only at movies that have sad bits but also hilarious scenes, and adventure like films that may me feel enlightened and proud of the character’s courage and so forth.

So write back and tell me which films have made you cry, whether from laughter, sadness or the overall bad quality of the movie, so I can avoid them…. or not :).

MY call – plane to see

7 July 2010 by

Beaches are handy things when there’s no runway in sight. Once again our Local Studies librarians have searched through the archives of Picture Gold Coast to find an old photo for you to make up a caption.

Here’s the Local Studies suggestions for a caption to get you started:

“Sorry, I missed the airport!”


“Landing between the flags on the beach”

Give us your ideas for a funny caption by leaving a comment below.


6 July 2010 by

If you have been into a Gold Coast City Council library lately, there is no doubt you would have seen our next interviewee.  This fabulous staff member is always on top of things ensuring that the magazines and books are in great condition for you to borrow.  Take a look and find out about your local library staff.

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? Try to find a way to stop all the hatred and fanaticism.

Favourite jellybean flavour? Red

Favourite book as a child? The Three Musketeers

Favourite dance move? ? but love jive/rock ‘n roll

Favourite book as an adult? Pillars of the Earth / Blood of Flowers

Favourite area to browse in the library? 635 and 641

List your top 3 hobbies: Reading / Gardening / Cooking

Favourite food for the movies? popcorn

Favourite character in a book or movie? D’Artagnan

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? Vanilla – then I can add what I want!

Favourite subject at school? Geography/Geology

Favourite fizzy drink? Ginger beer

Favourite tv series? Too many to list!

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Anywhere with ski-able snow.

Favourite band/group? AC/DC

Favourite sports star? Roger Federer

What do you like to do on your holidays? Potter. Do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Who is your hero or role model? My Mum

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

25 June 2010 by

After last month’s elephant, here’s a lion. Obviously, it’s a zoo, here on the Gold Coast. Do you know what it is and where is it?

If you think you know, comment below.

It’s G8r Pie!

24 June 2010 by

This month’s blurb it star is G8r Pie.

G8r Pie says: “There’s too much hating. What’s with that. I’m sick of people not having respect and everything. It’s totally wrong.”

To create your own avatar go to doppelme, sign up and start styling.

To be the next blurb it celeb, email us with the number of your avatar and up to 50 words telling us about you. Our celebrities have enough class to keep it clean (check out the rules here).

Friday Five: Great blogs for teens

18 June 2010 by

Are you interested in writing and talking to other teens who are interested in writing or creating?  There are some great creative places online that you can go to share your ideas and contribute to online writing communities.

Even if you are not wanting to submit online, there are wonderful stories and ideas that you can read, along with book and website reviews.

Here are five great blogs for teens that I have come across.

1.  Teens writing for teens

2.  inkpop

3.  Teen Ink

4.  Teen Voices

5.  Teens Now Talk

Do you have any good blogs or websites you would recommend to check out?