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Are you hungry?

Get down to Robina Library TODAY from 4pm to 5:30pm and learn how to feed yourself.

This session is full of tips on how to prepare quick, easy and cheap meals on a budget – especially aimed at 13 to 17 year olds.


The devil’s in the detail

6 October 2010 by

What building on the Gold Coast would you be heading into along this ramp?

(Oh, this one is easy – you just have to look at the photo for a clue…… and then work out which suburb, I suppose.)

If you think you know, comment below.

MY call – going to school

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How do you get to school? Walk, drive, ride a bike or skate?
Our Local Studies librarians have searched through the archives of Picture Gold Coast to find this photo of kids from Merrimac and Mudgeeraba schools, from around 1922.

Can you come up with a funny caption for it?

Here are the Local Studies suggestions for a caption to get you started:

“Would you argue with these schoolchildren?”


“What do you mean the school bus has broken down?”

Give us your ideas for a funny caption by leaving a comment below.

Tomorrow when the war began – book series now the film!

30 September 2010 by

Ok so the scenario might sound way out there, but there is a real sense of reality to John Marsden’s Tomorrow when the war began. Marsden manages to make you believe that this is really happening. I felt as though I was right there with the group of kids as they return home from a camping trip to find their town ambushed, abandoned and under attack. Ellie, Corrie, Robyn, Lee, Kevin, Homer and Fi find themselves up against an enemy who has invaded their town and stolen their family and friends.  They learn that everyone in the town has been locked up at the showgrounds, or rounded up and sent there. The big houses in town have been taken over by this invading enemy. The friends hide wherever they can, eat whatever they can find in the abandoned homes and come to meet up another friend in hiding, Chris, who fills them in on what has been going on.  

Ellie is the leader and narrator of the book (and the film), I felt as though I was in her mind right from the opening chapters. The description of the characters first reactions to this situation they find themselves in is really well written. The story asks some tough questions, “Would you fight? Would you give up everything?” Figuring out what to do next though becomes a defining problem for the group of teens.

Together they pool their resources, skills and  knowledge to fight against the enemy.  Overall, it a tale of survival, a fast paced read suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy the adventure genre.

I also liked the Aussie setting and the fact that John Marsden uses Aussie slang terms, I found this easy to relate to and fun to read. Tomorrow when the war began is the first book in the Tomorrow series and all can be borrowed from the Gold Coast Library Service. The film follows the book almost perfectly and the young, mainly Aussie cast do a fantastic job of making the story come to life. I recommend you read the book then go see the movie (the action stunts are worth making the effort to watch it on the big screen!!)

Writtten by Sam (Helensvale Library) also posted on Book Coasters!

Dog Friend – The Interview

20 September 2010 by

Okay – I thought I would start branching out a little – and start interviewing non-blogging staff  with the now famous INTERVIEW questions!! 🙂

You never know – seeing their name in lights might entice a few to jump on board and write reviews with us.  We have great staff here at the libraries – they are always willing to help… so without further ado, I will introduce you to Dog Friend!  Staff Member and blog buddy.

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? HAVE ENDLESS AMOUNT OF FOOD & WATER FOR ALL ANIMALS & PEOPLE

Favourite jellybean flavour? BLACK

Favourite book as a child? FARAWAY TREE

Favourite dance move? SPRINKLER DANCE

Favourite book as an adult? MATTHEW FLINDERS CAT

Favourite area to browse in the library? FRIDGE


Favourite food for the movies? COFFEE

Favourite character in a book or movie? MR MONK

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? VANILLA ice-cream OR LEMON SORBET

Favourite subject at school? ART



Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? DALISFORD VICTORIA

Favourite band/group? JBT (JOHN BUTLER TRIO)

Favourite sports star? CATHY FREEMAN

What do you like to do on your holidays? EAT

What is your favourite Easter memory? BEING SICK

Who is your hero or role model? DALAI LAMA

Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?

16 September 2010 by

Are you on Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?

Firstly, OK, I love zombies because they’re funny in an apocalyptic brain-devouring way.
Secondly, way not a fan of unicorns that are all rainbows and butterflies BUT I like unicorns as dangerous beasts. And, of course, Charlie the Unicorn.

But this so rocks: a whole bunch of authors who write novels for teens have lined up behind Holly Black and Justine Labelestier to form Team Zombie and Team Unicorn – the anthology will be out in November.

It’s time to pick sides people!

Andy Griffiths’ new book is Very Bad

13 August 2010 by

You may already know that Aussie author Andy Griffiths writes very, very, very funny books. One of them was The Bad Book. Now he has written The Very Bad Book and he’s coming to the Gold Coast to talk about it. Come along to find out how a book can be very funny and very bad at the same time.

When: Tuesday 7 September, 6.30pm
Where: Robina Community Centre
Bookings: are essential – phone 5581 1600 to secure your place

P.S. You can also watch a very bad trailer for the new book over on Andy Griffiths’ website.

Dr Karl is coming to the Coast!

6 August 2010 by

Can you spell Kruszelnicki? I can’t, so let’s call him Dr. Karl. Anyway, Dr. Karl will be coming to the Robina Community Centre on Wednesday, August 11 at 1pm. No doubt he will be discussing all things dinosaur. You can grab his new book, Dinosaurs Aren’t Dead – The shocking story of dinosaur evolution from your local GC library. Be warned it is a Junior Non Fiction title but it’s still a really good read. I am reading it as I write and I can’t wait to see his amazing science brain in action!

Meet and hear Dr. Karl at this free event for kids aged over 8. Be sure to book!!!!

Bookings: 5581 1600

If you can’t make it on Wednesday have a look at the Dr. Karl website or catch him on Triple J. So clever!

The John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers 2010

4 August 2010 by

If you write poetry, short stories or have written at least the first chapter of a novel AND you’re under 24 you’ve got two and a half weeks to enter your work for the John Marsden Prize.

Entries close 5pm Friday 20th August 2010.

Get writing and get your writing out there!

Whale watching on the Gold Coast

30 July 2010 by

You can go whale watching on the Gold Coast from late May to early November. Take a cruise or grab some binoculars and find yourself a handy headland. Or, if you’re out of season and out of luck, you can still spot their tails, if you know where to look. Where on the Coast will you find these whale-less tails?

If you think you know, comment below.