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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

18 November 2010

I have been so excited to see this has been coming up – and now we only have a few hours to wait until the new Harry Potter Movie is on the big screens.  Are you as excited as I am? 

With the movie being released and the second part of the movie opening next year… we are heading towards the end of an era.  The Harry Potter era. 

So my question for today is (and in honour of the movie it is a two-part question!):

1. Will you see the last two movies on the big screen?…. and

2. Do you actually prefer the books rather than the movies (where your imagination can run wild)?


Japan Love / Japan Ai

12 July 2010

Let me start off by saying, I’m not known for enjoying graphic novels. Actually, I’ve only read a couple. But I did find one in the library that I think is pretty fab. Perfect for anyone who has ever felt a little different or out of place. It’s called… (drum roll please) Japan Ai – A tall girl’s adventures in Japan by Aimee Major Steinberger. I can really relate to the funny stories in this book, even though I would never be described as tall. (hmmm not anywhere near tall, more like short)

Anyway, this gn is a travelogue of all the cool things that Aimee experiences while in the land of the rising sun. It’s very funny! and short! and lots of pictures! My kind of book.

Give it a read and tell us what you think. What’s a great gn that you have read lately?

Movies that turn you into a sooky la la

8 July 2010

This school holidays has seen a lot of movies released aimed at us teens, kids and the young at heart.  We’ve had the long awaited Toy Story 3 and Eclipse, along with Shrek: The Final Chapter, Marmaduke and The Karate Kid.

The other day I happened to fall upon an article that claimed that Toy Story 3 is causing even grown men to cry! I have to admit I haven’t seen it yet, but if grown men are crying (which is totally an okay thing to do by the way) then I will be the biggest, sobbing, wailing sooky la la of them all when it comes to watching this flick.  I’m not too sure if I’m looking forward to that or not :).

When it comes to crying when watching a movie I seem to be a real sucker when it comes to animals.  Put something fluffy and cute in front of me and I’ll start ahhing and awwing and blubbering away very quickly e.g. Marley and Me, I was a mess!

With this in mind, it made me think about what movies you guys have seen that have produced a little tear in the eye or a pain in your throat from trying to hold back the tears.  I myself seem to cry not only at movies that have sad bits but also hilarious scenes, and adventure like films that may me feel enlightened and proud of the character’s courage and so forth.

So write back and tell me which films have made you cry, whether from laughter, sadness or the overall bad quality of the movie, so I can avoid them…. or not :).

Friday Five: Great blogs for teens

18 June 2010

Are you interested in writing and talking to other teens who are interested in writing or creating?  There are some great creative places online that you can go to share your ideas and contribute to online writing communities.

Even if you are not wanting to submit online, there are wonderful stories and ideas that you can read, along with book and website reviews.

Here are five great blogs for teens that I have come across.

1.  Teens writing for teens

2.  inkpop

3.  Teen Ink

4.  Teen Voices

5.  Teens Now Talk

Do you have any good blogs or websites you would recommend to check out?

Any Crafty Critters Out There?

9 June 2010

I found the most terrific book in the library the other day. It’s a book especially for crafty critters with a yearning to make their special talent a career or a DIY industry! It’s called The Handmade Marketplace: How to sell your crafts locally, globally and online by Kari Chapin.

The book discusses and gives great advice for starting your own DIY business, how to spread the word about all the good things you’re doing and how to sell your wares. The only problem is… it’s from an American perspective. Don’t fret, it’ll still give you lots of ideas and point you in the right directions.

For those of you who are just after some fun with handmade projects, there is another book I found which is pretty fab. It’s The Homemade Home: 50 thrifty and chic homemade projects, written by Sania Pell. It’s a great read for those interested in recycling and making pretty things for the home. Oh, how I wish I was crafty!

Doing for others

22 May 2010

I can’t help thinking that the world would be a much better place if people strived to do good deeds for others rather that personal achievements for glory and/or money.
Do you think that people taking on these challenges should dedicate the achievement and/or some of the proceeds to a charitable cause? While some publicised personal achievements are incredibly amazing, brave, exciting etc., I prefer to hear about an individual sacrificing their time and effort for the greater good of people in need, an achievement I believe would be much more satisfying for body and soul.

Do you agree, especially as some challenges could end in large public expenditure  should something go wrong?

Graphic Novels – the POLL!!

18 May 2010

I have been shelving the teen area a lot lately – which is obviously good – because that means that you are borrowing a lot of books out!! 🙂

But – an idea began to stick in my head as I was shelving some books away…. what is the favourite graphic novel currently on the Gold Coast??  Do we have a favourite? Is there a graphic novel we don’t know about yet???
So with that idea going through my mind… I thought I would put in a poll so we could vote on our favourite graphic novel series – what do you think??

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: Book VS Film

3 May 2010

I’ve read the book and seen the movie and, I have to say, the movie was not good. The acting was really poor despite some well known actors in the film. Also, the book was quite an action packed adventure but the film didn’t use that potential, instead it left out major plot points and changed some parts of the story in a way that would have left many readers frustrated with the film.

So if you’ve read the book I wouldn’t recommend the movie.

A Million Paws for a Fantastic Cause

21 April 2010

RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk is back! Sunday 16th May 2010 at the off-leash precinct, Pizzey Park, Miami.

The Million Paws Walk is one of the RSPCA’s biggest fund raisers of the year. Anyone can participate – that’s with or without a furry friend, but it is strictly a dog day out. Dress up, dress your friend up and have fun raising much needed funds for all creatures, great  & small.

There will be stalls, food, entertainment, demonstrations, pet advice, competitions, raffle, hydrobathing and a free concert after the walk. The Gold Coast concert features Emily Williams, Barry Crocker, Dean Vegas and Jodie “Marilyn” Joy.

To register before the event, visit or register on the day from 8:30 am. The 1.5km and 4km walks begin @ 10:30am. Adults:$12   Children:$6  Concessions: $8   Family of Four: $28.

Start your training and we’ll see you there!

Listen up!

21 April 2010

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