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AL – the interview!

19 October 2010

Well I thought it was time to ask one of our administration management staff these questions.  You gotta let them in on the fun as well! 

Great to see AL joining in for these interview questions. So without further ado…

Favourite jellybean flavour? Pink

Favourite book as a child? Bird’s best nest

Favourite dance move? The step side to side and the bob up and down

Favourite book as an adult? Mmmm tricky – I think it’s still Bird’s Best Nest

Favourite area to browse in the library? Picture book collection

List your top 3 hobbies. Camping, reading aloud (with voices) and cooking

Favourite food for the movies? Popcorn of course – what else would you eat at the movies.

Favourite character in a book or movie? Smeagol or affectionately known at Gollum

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? chocolate

Favourite subject at school? Drama

Favourite fizzy drink? Don’t touch the stuff

Favourite tv series? I can’t commit to a series.

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Neurum Creek Bush Retreat – this week anyway

Favourite band/group? I tend to enjoy solo artists more than groups

Favourite sports star? Matt Rodgers

What do you like to do on your holidays? Camp

What is your favourite Easter memory? Finding my baby girl sucking on a candy egg that she’s broken into

Who is your hero or role model? My kids – they inspire me to be a better person.


Dog Friend – The Interview

20 September 2010

Okay – I thought I would start branching out a little – and start interviewing non-blogging staff  with the now famous INTERVIEW questions!! 🙂

You never know – seeing their name in lights might entice a few to jump on board and write reviews with us.  We have great staff here at the libraries – they are always willing to help… so without further ado, I will introduce you to Dog Friend!  Staff Member and blog buddy.

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? HAVE ENDLESS AMOUNT OF FOOD & WATER FOR ALL ANIMALS & PEOPLE

Favourite jellybean flavour? BLACK

Favourite book as a child? FARAWAY TREE

Favourite dance move? SPRINKLER DANCE

Favourite book as an adult? MATTHEW FLINDERS CAT

Favourite area to browse in the library? FRIDGE


Favourite food for the movies? COFFEE

Favourite character in a book or movie? MR MONK

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? VANILLA ice-cream OR LEMON SORBET

Favourite subject at school? ART



Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? DALISFORD VICTORIA

Favourite band/group? JBT (JOHN BUTLER TRIO)

Favourite sports star? CATHY FREEMAN

What do you like to do on your holidays? EAT

What is your favourite Easter memory? BEING SICK

Who is your hero or role model? DALAI LAMA


6 July 2010

If you have been into a Gold Coast City Council library lately, there is no doubt you would have seen our next interviewee.  This fabulous staff member is always on top of things ensuring that the magazines and books are in great condition for you to borrow.  Take a look and find out about your local library staff.

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? Try to find a way to stop all the hatred and fanaticism.

Favourite jellybean flavour? Red

Favourite book as a child? The Three Musketeers

Favourite dance move? ? but love jive/rock ‘n roll

Favourite book as an adult? Pillars of the Earth / Blood of Flowers

Favourite area to browse in the library? 635 and 641

List your top 3 hobbies: Reading / Gardening / Cooking

Favourite food for the movies? popcorn

Favourite character in a book or movie? D’Artagnan

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? Vanilla – then I can add what I want!

Favourite subject at school? Geography/Geology

Favourite fizzy drink? Ginger beer

Favourite tv series? Too many to list!

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Anywhere with ski-able snow.

Favourite band/group? AC/DC

Favourite sports star? Roger Federer

What do you like to do on your holidays? Potter. Do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Who is your hero or role model? My Mum

William Kostakis

4 May 2010

This month’s blurb it guest is William Kostakis, which is appropriate because our theme is reality and William’s book, Loathing Lola, is all about Courtney Marlow – an ordinary 15 year old girl who decides to be part of a reality TV show called Real Teens, only to discover that reality TV is really about faking it.

YOU CAN WIN a copy of Loathing Lola – just respond to this post with a comment or question for William to answer, and you could be one of the 10 lucky winners.

Now it’s over to William to answer blurb it’s questions:

What are some of the different jobs you’ve had?
I’ve worked in a TV newsroom (boring), as a sales attendant in a first aid kit stall (just as boring), a waiter in a stadium’s private suites (I met Pamela Anderson, I walked past her holding two jugs of milk over my chest – I had to bite my tongue really hard not to make the joke), but most notably, I worked at Maccas for four years. I spent my time bingeing on chicken nuggets, being a smart-arse to customers, and starting sauce fights with other staff (Fun Fact: Big Mac and McChicken sauces are kept in guns, you literally put the sauce cartridge in like ammo and shoot – so we’d run around the kitchen firing at each other)… and I didn’t get fired. I got promoted. I got promoted a lot.

If you weren’t a writer what would you be?
Probably a teacher. It’s like being a comedian, only, if the kids don’t laugh at your jokes, you fail them.

If you could be any character in a book for a day, who would you choose to be?
Edward Cullen. I’ve always wondered, if you’re a main character in a bad book – do you see all the typos?

What is your opinion on the use of swearing in YA books?
F***ing love it. I mean, I always loved to use colourful language as a teen in real life, so why should books for teens be written any differently?

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

How do you feel about plagarism in blogs?
How I feel about plagiarism in everything: if they’re not your words, don’t say they are.

Do you have any secret talents?
I have a special knack for falling down stairs – does that count? Seriously, give me a flight of stairs, and the odds are, I’ll fall down them at least once.

What is your favourite dessert?
Warmed up chocolate cake with ice cream. The best. Ever.

Should books written for a YA audience have a happy ending?
No, YA audiences aren’t precious. If they can handle the F-word, they can handle an unhappy ending. So long as the ending is the best possible ending for the story, whether it’s happy or sad doesn’t matter.

What was the last book you read?
This is going to sound really self-absorbed, but my own… I’m teaching a class on it tomorrow, and I’ve… kinda forgotten it.

You wouldn’t be caught dead, where?
At a Justin Bieber concert.

That’s all from William – if you’ve got another question for him, just comment below and you’ll be in the running to win a copy of Loathing Lola.


20 April 2010

Yay – We have a crossover!!  Sam, one of our fantastic librarians, also posts regularly on our adult readers blog book coasters.  That blog is also an online book club so that people can discuss various books they have read.  I wonder if any have read Twilight??

Anyway, Sam answered my questions for me today – so a big shout-out to Sam!  I might even see if I can entice Sam to write a post or two here… we love it when we get reader’s posts!!! 🙂

Enjoy the answers! 

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? Pass on the duty to someone way more suited to the job!

Favourite jellybean flavour? Pink one..

Favourite book as a child? Winnie the Pooh

Favourite dance move? I don’t dance

Favourite book as an adult? I like to read biographies

Favourite area to browse in the library? Dvd’s

List your top 3 hobbies. 1 – Yoga 2. – TV 3. – Walking

Favourite food for the movies? Don’t take food in

Favourite character in a book or movie? Piglet from Winnie the Pooh

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? Mint

Favourite subject at school? English

Favourite fizzy drink? Lemonade

Favourite tv series? So many !! Monk, House, Medium, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist (I could go on and on…)

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Coochiemudlo Island

Favourite band/group? Empire of the Sun, Savage Garden when they were together

Favourite sports star? The Brisbane Broncos – GO BOYS!!!

What do you like to do on your holidays? Sleep

What is your favourite Easter memory? Mum making white chocolate treats using moulds and hiding them throughout the house for me and my brother to find

Who is your hero or role model? Real life people who have overcome adversity and/or hard times in their lives (positive and happy people)

Cassandra Clare

9 April 2010

Today our guest is Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments series: City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass. City of Fallen Angels, the final book in the series, will be published in 2011.

It’s an urban fantasy series and Cassie says this about the first book:

City of Bones is about a fifteen-year old girl named Clary Fray, whose search for her missing mother leads her into an alternate New York called Downworld, filled with mysterious faeries, hard-partying warlocks, not-what-they-seem vampires, an army of werewolves, and the demons who want to destroy it all. She also finds herself torn between two boys — her best friend, Simon, for whom she’s developing new feelings, and the mysterious demon hunter, Jace. She becomes a part of the secret world of the demon hunters, or Nephilim, and as she does she discovers that rescuing her mother might mean putting their whole world in jeopardy.

And the number one question asked of authors is…. where did you get the idea for your story?

The idea for the Mortal Instruments came to me one afternoon in the East Village. I was with a good friend of mine, who was taking me to see the tattoo shop where she used to work. She wanted to show me that her footprints were on the ceiling in black paint — in fact the footprints of everyone who’d worked there were on the ceiling, crisscrossing each other and making patterns. To me it looked like some fabulous supernatural battle had been fought there by beings who’d left their footprints behind. I started thinking about a magical battle in a New York tattoo shop and the idea of a secret society of demon-hunters whose magic was based on an elaborate system of tattooed runes just sprang into my mind. When I sat down to sketch out the book, I wanted to write something that would combine elements of traditional high fantasy — an epic battle between good and evil, terrible monsters, brave heroes, enchanted swords — and recast it through a modern, urban lens. So you have the Shadowhunters, who are these very classic warriors following their millennia-old traditions, but in these urban, modern spaces: skyscrapers, warehouses, abandoned hotels, rock concerts. In fairy tales, it was the dark and mysterious forest outside the town that held the magic and danger. I wanted to create a world where the city has become the forest — where these urban spaces hold their own enchantments, danger, mysteries and strange beauty. It’s just that only the Shadowhunters can see them as they really are.

If you read the urban fantasy novel Valiant by Holly Black, also set in New York, and Cassie’s City of Bones you might spot the crossover….

Holly and I are friends; I helped her edit Valiant and she helped me edit City of Bones. That’s why we thank each other in our acknowledgements sections. We often joked that our words are connected and overlap; look for a mention of Jace in Holly’s upcoming book, The White Cat.

On being a writer, Cassie says:

I always loved writing. And reading. Most people who love to write, start with a love of reading. I started writing books when I was about 12. They were all terrible and all in different genres. I wrote a terrible vampire novel and a terrible mystery novel and a terrible romance novel and a terrible Arthurian novel. Then I went to college and I took some writing classes, and I didn’t really enjoy them all that much, and I figured maybe I didn’t want to be a fiction writer. After college I worked as a journalist and I also worked part-time in a children’s bookstore. It was working in the children’s bookstore and starting to re-read the books I’d read when I was a kid that rekindled my desire to write. I started writing again, and went through several different novel ideas before I moved to New York City from Los Angeles, which is what inspired the idea of setting a book in New York and its environs. From that, City of Bones developed. It was the first book I ever sold to a publisher.
At no point during that process do I remember thinking that I had realized I was, or had decided to be, a writer. I liked writing, it was something I always enjoyed, and it seemed logical to try to make a living at it.

And why did she choose to write teen books?

Why not teen books? More seriously, when I started out writing City of Bones, I didn’t think of it as young adult, just as a fantasy novel. The characters simply happened to be teenagers. At some point I was approached by a publisher who was interested in the book, but they wanted me to “age up the characters” and make them adults. I toyed with the idea for a while, but I knew it wouldn’t work. I wanted to tell a story about characters at that crucial life stage just between adolescence and adulthood, where your choices determine the kind of person you’re going to be rather than reflecting who you already are.

You can follow these links to find out more about Cassie (and read the rest of her answers to a whole lot of questions), much more about Mortal Instruments, and an interview with Cassie at Walker Books, where she talks about City of Ashes.