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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

18 November 2010

I have been so excited to see this has been coming up – and now we only have a few hours to wait until the new Harry Potter Movie is on the big screens.  Are you as excited as I am? 

With the movie being released and the second part of the movie opening next year… we are heading towards the end of an era.  The Harry Potter era. 

So my question for today is (and in honour of the movie it is a two-part question!):

1. Will you see the last two movies on the big screen?…. and

2. Do you actually prefer the books rather than the movies (where your imagination can run wild)?


Last, Now and Next

29 March 2010

O.K! Thought I might try something different here. Instead of me doing a book review, I thought I would ask teens in the library if they wouldn’t mind me asking some questions about what they are reading and posting info onto Blurbit. Hopefully you will like this style of review interesting. I’d love to hear what you think.

Nick name: Jo.

Age: 14 Gender: Gal

Last book read: Nancy drew: Trails of Treachery By Carolyn Keene

Did you like it: Yeh! I’ve read a few Nancy Drew’s before. Theyre nice and easy to read and the same people keep turning up in the stories.

Who would you recomend it to?:  Anyone who likes a mystery. They’re kinda girlie.

Reading now: Monster Blood Tattoo. book one: foundling  By D.M. Cornish

Are you enjoying it?: Yes.

Whats it like? Well its like set in 1900 but on another world and there’s monsters. It’s pretty cool.

Who might like to read it? Any one who like fantasy, like The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or Avatar

What’s next on the reading list? Monster Blood Tattoo. book two: The lamplighter. It look’s like a huge book, I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks Jo. I hope you see this and have a go at posting some more reviews for yourself.

Read-a-like: Harry Potter Series

19 March 2010

Okay, thanks to those who answered our last post we have the beginnings of a Read-a-like list…. brought to us from our very own blog readers!!! YAY!!

What a great selection!!  Thanks to the commenters for the great ideas… Now it is your turn.  What book would you like to have a ‘read-a-like’ created for??

Let us know – and between all of us – we’ll be able to select some great reads I’m sure!!

Thanks to Kennymatic - Creative Commons Flickr

What to read, what to read???

12 March 2010

What have I done?!  A friend of mine told me I don’t read enough books for teens. Okay, okay, in actual fact they told me I don’t read enough books full stop.

So I have set myself the ultimate challenge! I am going to read 25 teen books this year! THERE YOU HAVE IT IN WRITING! uh oh…..

Does this sound easy to you? I’m not so confident, because I’m not sure what to read. So far I’ve read 1 book, yes 1! Things are looking good (ha ha note the sarcasm).

I’ll keep you guys posted as I go but here’s my tally so far:Liar

1. Liar by Justine Larbalestier ( I give it 3 stars out of 5), and I’m picky!

I’ve decided to use the following websites to inspire my choice of reads:

If you know of any great reads to recommend to me, or websites to tantalise my reading taste buds let me know!

I’m not one to back down from a challenge, so bring it on! Anyone want to join me on my challenge?

Golden Age for literature!

5 March 2010

Have you read the Courier Mail today?  I know it isn’t often on my must read list – but another staff member pointed out a great article about the new boom in junior and teen literature.

We know that JK Rowling made a worldwide smash hit with her Harry Potter Series, and Twilight has blogs all a twitter with Stephenie Meyer fans… but do you realise the impact that these smash hits have on the publishing industry??

The success of Harry Potter and Twilight,  has allowed publishers to be more adventurous with their purchasing!  I think this a good thing… especially when it means that a 17-year-old can get a book deal!!! (Look out for Alexandra Adornetto’s three book series that will be published sometime this year!!)

What do you think of the recently published teen books?

Asterix & Obelix

26 February 2010

If you need a bit of an adventure and a good laugh have a look at the Asterix & Obelix graphic novels we have at the library. There is 34 graphic novels to date and it is such a popular series that there have been 11 movies made as well, you can find most of these at the library also. The comics were written and illustrated by these cool guys from Paris, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, unfortunatly Goscinny passed away in 1977.

Set in ancient times, Asterix and Obelix are best friends from a little village in Gaul which holds out against the Roman Empire thanks to the aid of some magic potion brewed by their druid which gives them superhuman strength. They get up to all sorts of hilarious adventures and mishaps. They are just so much fun to read. Trust me, I’ve read them all.

Even now, when I come accross an Asterix and Obelix comic I can’t move from my spot till I’ve zoomed through it. So if you’re in need of a pick me up, I suggest you borrow out an Asterix & Obelix, park yourself where the sky won’t fall on your head and read till your eyeballs drop out. Guaranteed laughs. 🙂



Harry Potter and the Read-a-like

20 February 2010

The other day I had a discussion with other YP staff about what we recommend to our teen readers after they have finished a series and want to read something pretty similar… so we have decided to start a new series on our blog…


We will start putting together some ideas about what books to suggest after you have finished some favourite titles… Twilight, the Tomorrow Series… When you have finished reading a great series but have been left wanting more!

SO – the first one in the series will be the HARRY POTTER books.  What would you recommend?  I know what I’m going to suggest – how ’bout you?

janetmck – Flickr Creative Commons

Leave a comment – and we’ll post the recommendations in our new series of blogs!

Electronic Escapism

1 February 2010

Some great ideas from Joyo (library staff) were sent through recently… THANKS Joyo!

Do ebooks provide the same leisure and entertainment value as the printed word? Do they provide the same level of satisfaction? Today people connect with others via many different forms of media/technology. Does reading electronically flow on from this way of connecting and being informed or is the companionship of the physical book more of a magnet?

After all a large percentage of socialising is conducted remotely so why not read remotely? I know I would miss the action of flipping from front cover to blurb on the back and any maps/diagrams/family trees inside the front cover. While convenience and accessibility are some of the benefits of ebooks, paper based books provide a refuge from the electronic world – a time to tune out from ‘life noise’.

What do you think?

School 2010

22 January 2010

So the summer holidays are almost over… you have spent your time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.  Now you have to put on your school uniform and spend your days in the classroom… but is it really all that bad??  What interesting events are coming up for this school year?  Do you have a big excursion to a National Park?  Are you finally going on school camp??  Are you going to audition for the school musical or play? Do you get to study subjects that you have been waiting years to be in the right grade to study?  Tell us what you can’t wait to do at school this year!!

As for us, we go straight from school holiday fun and activities to getting ready for storytimes and the next holiday plans!! Can’t wait!! 🙂

So Did Anyone get to the BDO?

22 January 2010

Who did you see, what did you see and were you hot? The last question is a given, I was just being cheeky. I would have loved to have seen Rise Against and Dizzee Rascal, but I couldn’t justify the big $150 ticket price to see two artists I have already seen. Please tell me your favourite bands of the day! I am desperate to know!

I am very excited about SOUNDWAVE 2010. I was luckily given a ticket for Christmas from a friend who loves screamo. (mental note:I will have to remember to pack earplugs) I am looking forward to the day and some of the quieter bands, like AFI, Placebo, Alexis on Fire, Reel Big Fish and Motion City Soundtrack. If you haven’t heard Motion City Soundtrack you are missing out! They are fab! (except for their last album) It’s going to be great!