About blurb it

blurb it, a brand new service from Gold Coast City Council libraries, is especially for youth aged 12 to 16 years.

What sort of site is blurb it?

blurb it is a blog – a space for youth and library staff to share information, links, reviews, tips, tricks, how-to guides and lots more. Library staff will frequently post interesting articles, but we need you to contribute, too.

Why is the library providing this service?

Libraries are about much more than just books. They’re about meeting up and connecting with other people; doing fun stuff; and finding movies, magazines, music and more.

We know you spend a lot of time online, so we designed this space for you to interact with each other and the library online. That’s why blurb it exists. It’s your way to make use of the library without necessarily having to come along to one of our branch libraries (but of course, you’re always very welcome at any branch library). 

blurb it is your online branch library.

What can I do here?

Subscribe to receive updates to this site via email or RSS. We’ll be updating the site frequently so if you don’t choose to subscribe, make sure you visit often.

Contribute to blurb it by commenting on any post, or you can even become a contributor and write your own articles.

How do I get to write articles for blurb it?

If you’re interested in writing articles for blurb it, just email us for more information and to get your very own contributor account.

How can I send you some feedback about blurb it?

Comment on any post, or email us your feedback.


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