AL – the interview!


Well I thought it was time to ask one of our administration management staff these questions.  You gotta let them in on the fun as well! 

Great to see AL joining in for these interview questions. So without further ado…

Favourite jellybean flavour? Pink

Favourite book as a child? Bird’s best nest

Favourite dance move? The step side to side and the bob up and down

Favourite book as an adult? Mmmm tricky – I think it’s still Bird’s Best Nest

Favourite area to browse in the library? Picture book collection

List your top 3 hobbies. Camping, reading aloud (with voices) and cooking

Favourite food for the movies? Popcorn of course – what else would you eat at the movies.

Favourite character in a book or movie? Smeagol or affectionately known at Gollum

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? chocolate

Favourite subject at school? Drama

Favourite fizzy drink? Don’t touch the stuff

Favourite tv series? I can’t commit to a series.

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Neurum Creek Bush Retreat – this week anyway

Favourite band/group? I tend to enjoy solo artists more than groups

Favourite sports star? Matt Rodgers

What do you like to do on your holidays? Camp

What is your favourite Easter memory? Finding my baby girl sucking on a candy egg that she’s broken into

Who is your hero or role model? My kids – they inspire me to be a better person.


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