Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?


Are you on Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?

Firstly, OK, I love zombies because they’re funny in an apocalyptic brain-devouring way.
Secondly, way not a fan of unicorns that are all rainbows and butterflies BUT I like unicorns as dangerous beasts. And, of course, Charlie the Unicorn.

But this so rocks: a whole bunch of authors who write novels for teens have lined up behind Holly Black and Justine Labelestier to form Team Zombie and Team Unicorn – the anthology will be out in November.

It’s time to pick sides people!


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2 Responses to “Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?”

  1. Jessi (girl jessi) Says:

    idk zombie unicorns zombie unicorn i know zombie unicorns definitelt TEAM ZOMBIEE!!!!! ……………………. um num num num

  2. sam Says:

    definitely Team Zombie……………………Mmmnnnguuuhhh!

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