Friday Five: Great blogs for teens


Are you interested in writing and talking to other teens who are interested in writing or creating?  There are some great creative places online that you can go to share your ideas and contribute to online writing communities.

Even if you are not wanting to submit online, there are wonderful stories and ideas that you can read, along with book and website reviews.

Here are five great blogs for teens that I have come across.

1.  Teens writing for teens

2.  inkpop

3.  Teen Ink

4.  Teen Voices

5.  Teens Now Talk

Do you have any good blogs or websites you would recommend to check out?


One Response to “Friday Five: Great blogs for teens”

  1. Brittney Breakey Says:

    About 3 weeks ago, I posted a link to Caleb Breakey’s website designed for teens. Since then, the site has reached 11,000 clicks. He interviews two teens a week, edits 300 words of their writing, and does a video blog about their strengths! Plus, he offers writing contests and more.

    If you’re looking for a hub to get jazzed about writing and receive free writing critique, I’d be sure to stop by: It’s awesome.

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