Seeing Green? How about reading John Green?


I’m feeling the love for green this month!

My backyard is looking good and I just bought my very first indoor plants! Let’s see how long I can keep them alive!

I have affectionately named my plants Brommie and Cane, because I bought a Bromeliad and Golden Cane Palm. I’m hoping if I name my plants I will be more attached to them and therefore look after them better ha ha 🙂

Anyway back to the reference to John Green. Have you read any of his books yet? If not, why not? He’s awesome! He writes books that are relevant to us teens, and are funny, insightful and exciting. The characters in his books are always realistic, they say things we would say and they do things we would do!

I just finished his latest book Will Grayson, Will Grayson which he wrote with David Levithan and whilst the book covered some confronting and relevant themes it was written with such humour and honesty that I couldn’t help finishing it.

Basically it’s a book about a teen called Will Grayson whose best friend Tiny is in love with a different person every single day of the week. Tiny tries to set Will up with his friend Jane but Will is shy and is not too sure about liking girls who are “available”. Then Will Grayson randomly meets another teen called Will Grayson and then all matter of chaos and emotions break loose!

Sounds confusing? Trust me, it isn’t. This is the second John Green book I’ve read in a year and I have to keep spacing them out because I don’t think John Green’s writing can catch up to how quickly I read his books. So far he’s written Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Paper Towns, An abundance of Katherines, and Looking for Alaska.

Keep them coming John!  Check out his books next time you’re in the library, that’s if they’re even on the shelf – I may have them, so place a hold!


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One Response to “Seeing Green? How about reading John Green?”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Speaking of Will Grayson, Will Grayson, don’t forget that David Levithan is also visiting Australia this month!! 😀

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