Friday Five: Five Favourite Maru Moments


I intended on dedicating this friday five list to my five favourite internet cats, ala nicknack’s Five Library Cats post. But trawling through my personal bookmarks folder, it was just simply too hard to get past the adorable Maru. For those of you who are unfamiliar, meet Maru! He’s a beautiful Scottish Fold cat who just loves putting on a good show. I have (ashamedly) spent hours watching the dozens of videos his Japanese owners have shared with the world.

Below are my top five favourite Maru moments. Enjoy!

5.  Maru’s magic show  Watch Maru appear and reappear!

4. A hole and Maru

3. A big box and Maru Maru may look short and chubby, but he sure can jump.

2. Box diving with Maru

1. Mask Maru This is my absolute favourite Maru moment. Watching him wander the halls aimlessly with a paper bag over his head (by choice!) has me and everyone I know in stitches. I can never watch this enough.

See many more clips at mugumogu’s youtube channel. Do you have a favourite internet cat?


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