Quirky and GREEN


This month’s blurb it has been thinking about things green.
Things like….

Green Witch by Alice Hoffman is the continuing story of Green, a girl who has lost her family and all the certainties of her world in a huge disaster. She struggles to deal with her loss and grief, and to make a better future, because neither the bleakness of the present, nor bittersweet memories of the past, are enough for her. Set in a sometimes dream-like post-Apocalyptic world, this sequel to Green Angel is “haunting, philosophical, and filled with poetic imagery” (Publishers Weekly).

Kermit the Frog. He’s been in showbusiness since 1955. He’s been romantically linked with a string of celebrities, the latest of which was Lady Gaga. He’s the most famous frog on the planet. But it still seems incredible that the story of a German couple taking photos of a toy Kermit in front of famous landmarks around the world should make the news in Britain. Are we missing something here?

Everyone knows that teenagers are eco savvy. Generation Green is a fantastic book that proves it. Full of great advice from a mother and her teenaged son on how to be even greener, before you read it, you can slip over to the website and read about some real green teens and take Tosh’s Green Challenge to see how green you are.


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One Response to “Quirky and GREEN”

  1. loupie Says:

    This comment is from DJ:

    I just finished a young adult green orientated book last night! It’s called “The carbon diaries 2015” by Saci Lloyd. The book is based in 2015, duh!, and is set in London. The whole of London is on a carbon rationing scheme to try and slow down climate change and make an example to the rest of the world on how much energy is excessively wasted, used and abused. The book was funny, interesting and frightening, all at the same time. I’ll be sure to read it’s sequel “The carbon diaries 2017” soon.

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