Last, Now and Next


O.K! Thought I might try something different here. Instead of me doing a book review, I thought I would ask teens in the library if they wouldn’t mind me asking some questions about what they are reading and posting info onto Blurbit. Hopefully you will like this style of review interesting. I’d love to hear what you think.

Nick name: Jo.

Age: 14 Gender: Gal

Last book read: Nancy drew: Trails of Treachery By Carolyn Keene

Did you like it: Yeh! I’ve read a few Nancy Drew’s before. Theyre nice and easy to read and the same people keep turning up in the stories.

Who would you recomend it to?:  Anyone who likes a mystery. They’re kinda girlie.

Reading now: Monster Blood Tattoo. book one: foundling  By D.M. Cornish

Are you enjoying it?: Yes.

Whats it like? Well its like set in 1900 but on another world and there’s monsters. It’s pretty cool.

Who might like to read it? Any one who like fantasy, like The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or Avatar

What’s next on the reading list? Monster Blood Tattoo. book two: The lamplighter. It look’s like a huge book, I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks Jo. I hope you see this and have a go at posting some more reviews for yourself.

One Response to “Last, Now and Next”

  1. bindis Says:

    Great idea Trav!

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