A great read finally made into a movie


First published in 1993 and soon to be released as a movie, Tomorrow when the world began by John Marsden is still a great read.  Although it is the first in a series it can be read alone and I was hooked on the story right through to the end.

This is a great book for projecting yourself as any one of the characters and questioning your mind and actions as to what you would do if you found yourself in the same situation. Could you cope? Could you keep your cool and engage the enemy without losing it? Would you be prepared to put your life on the line to save family and friends?  Or would you and your friends revert to a Animal farm (George Orwell) type dictatorship? 

The story details the invasion and occupation of Australia by a foreign power and how a group of teenagers wage guerilla  warfare against the occupying force. The story is told from the perspective of Ellie Linton, one of the group who go camping in the hills during school holidays to find on their return that the countryside has been invaded .

The movie is due out in Sept 2010 and for those of you who already know the characters they will be played by Caitlin Stasey (Neighbours) as Ellie Linton, Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan, Dorian Gray, Perfume) as Corrie McKenzie, Lincoln Lewis (Home & Away) as Kevin Holmes, Phoebe Tonkin (H2O – Just Add Water) as Fiona Maxwell, Deniz Akdeniz (When the Bell Rings) as Homer Yannos, Ashleigh Cummings (Home & Away, Razzle Dazzle) as Robyn Mathers, Chris Pang (Home Song Stories, Real Stories) as Lee and Andy Ryan (The Jesters) as Chris Lang.

A book well worth a revisit before the movie is released.



One Response to “A great read finally made into a movie”

  1. Annie Says:

    Animal Farm is a great novel. I don’t think that they can make a movie out of it though. It will be too absurd.

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