Golden Age for literature!


Have you read the Courier Mail today?  I know it isn’t often on my must read list – but another staff member pointed out a great article about the new boom in junior and teen literature.

We know that JK Rowling made a worldwide smash hit with her Harry Potter Series, and Twilight has blogs all a twitter with Stephenie Meyer fans… but do you realise the impact that these smash hits have on the publishing industry??

The success of Harry Potter and Twilight,  has allowed publishers to be more adventurous with their purchasing!  I think this a good thing… especially when it means that a 17-year-old can get a book deal!!! (Look out for Alexandra Adornetto’s three book series that will be published sometime this year!!)

What do you think of the recently published teen books?


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One Response to “Golden Age for literature!”

  1. L15A Says:

    The article is ‘Whole new chapter’ (The Courier Mail, 05 Mar 2010, Page 27)
    The full article is available via the Library’s Online Resources –> Newspapers and magazines –> PressDisplay. Search for Australian newspapers, then the Courier Mail, Friday 5th March – it’s on page 27, see if you can find it!

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