Friday Five: Quick Supernatural Picks



In the spirit of vampires, supernatural and the like I decided to do five quick reviews of some YP books I have recently read.

1.  Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

I read a review for the book Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia a few months ago on Amazon and it sounded really good.  After checking to see if the Gold Coast City Council Library Services had it, which they didn’t, I put in a recommend to purchase request through the online catalogue.  I was pleased that they purchased the book and put me on hold for it.  I enjoyed this book.  It is a modern fantasy type story about a teenage boy called Ethan, who lives in a small town where nothing ever happens.   When Lena Duchannes moves into town, she is quite strange and unusal things start to happen when she is around.  Beautiful Creatures is an interesting read and has a lot of history too which is a little bit different.  You can order your own copy of Beautiful Creatures here.

2.  Fallen by Lauren Kate

This book has the supernatural elements of a young girl Luce being sent to reform school after a mysterious fire occurred and her ‘boyfriend’ was killed.   We follow the story of her meeting and making some friends at reform school and there are some mysterious male characters, Daniel and Cam who you spend the book trying to figure out if they are good or bad.  I liked this book just for the fact that it had the supernatural element, but it was not vampires!! Wondering what they are? Check out this book here.

3.  Immortal by Gillian Shields

Another newbie that passed across my desk and I confess I thought the cover looked interesting and took it home to read it.  This is another book where the main character, Evie Johnson is sent to boarding school at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies after her grandmother is taken ill and her dad is sent away with the military.  Evie is very lonely at the school and doesn’t fit in.   She meets a young man called Sebastian whilst she is at school and they start hanging out together, but Evie feels he is keeping secrets from her.  This book has romance, suspense and keeps you guessing what is going to happen. You can get your hands on a copy here.

4.  The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

This book revolves around the paranormal.  Chole is put into a group home and is diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Although we later learn that she actually has the ability to see dead people and other youth in the home also have supernatural abilities.   When Chloe’s roomate is taken away for special treatment, they begin to suspect something terible is going on at Lyle House.  This book is a great read and makes you look forward to the next book to find out what happens.  See if you can find a copy on the library catalogue.

5.  Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan

Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan is the first book in the series Sweep (also known as the Wicca series).  This was recommended to me by a collegue and I am really enjoying it.  The books are not too long which is great if you want something light and they are addictive.  I have read a couple and I am going to order some more.  If you haven’t realised by the series title, these books are about witches and wicca. You can find Book of Shadows here.

These are my five quick picks, anyone got any suggestions for what I should read next?


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