I went to Soundwave on Saturday and I have the sunburn to prove it! It was such a hot day and all I had was my little pink hat to protect me from the sun’s rays. (mental note – I need a huge umbrella hat for future festivals)

The highlights of the day were Motion City Soundtrack, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, AFI and Faith No More oh and the shower I had when I got home. Some people said Alexisonfire were pretty good, but that’s when I decided to put my ear plugs in, so I’m really not sure. You’re probably wondering how Paramore was…? Well, it seemed as if the main stage audience increased exponentially!! (great word!) when they came on. They seemed to go down well. I was just amazed at the influx of bodies. 🙂

The lowlights of the day were waiting in line to buy HOT! $4 bottles of coke, no TP in the toilets and I’m sure there were too many people in the grounds.

Anyone else get to Soundwave? Let us know your highs and lows.

Unrelated note:  Alice in Wonderland arrives at the cinema March 4


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2 Responses to “Soundwave2010”

  1. bindis Says:

    Hmmm, it’s really good to go a festival – but it is really hard work!

  2. sam Says:

    Hey bindis,

    I have never been to a music festival but each year I hear about my brother’s Big Day Out experiences, which make me cringe! Loud blaring music, enormous crowds, nothing cool to drink, rain, mud or piercing sunlight but a whole lot of fun (I don’t get it??) Am I missing out on something? Thanks for the update on Alice in Wonderland…I’m so at the cinemas as soon as it arrives 😀

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