Electronic Escapism


Some great ideas from Joyo (library staff) were sent through recently… THANKS Joyo!

Do ebooks provide the same leisure and entertainment value as the printed word? Do they provide the same level of satisfaction? Today people connect with others via many different forms of media/technology. Does reading electronically flow on from this way of connecting and being informed or is the companionship of the physical book more of a magnet?

After all a large percentage of socialising is conducted remotely so why not read remotely? I know I would miss the action of flipping from front cover to blurb on the back and any maps/diagrams/family trees inside the front cover. While convenience and accessibility are some of the benefits of ebooks, paper based books provide a refuge from the electronic world – a time to tune out from ‘life noise’.

What do you think?


6 Responses to “Electronic Escapism”

  1. joyo Says:

    And of course there is always the bookmarks – business cards, takeaway menus, receipts, letters, postcards, notes and beautiful bookmarks. A bit of a personal history of your life really!

  2. Timothy Says:

    Wait for the next movie…and the one after that…and the one after that…

    It’ll be like the Harry Potter books. Little peaks of people going “Hey!”

  3. Melli (library staff) Says:

    I really like the idea of not producing books that will inevitably be discarded and turned in to landfill. I like to borrow books from the library and if I really love them, I will buy them. Now that every second person has read the twilight series, there are so many sitting idly on the shelves.

  4. Timothy Says:

    When I’m researching to write a book, I prefer e-text to standard text, because it can be keyword searched and you can take notes by copy and pasting. It’s so much easier than using paper and pencil notebooks.

    When I’m reading to relax, I can go either way, but I use a desktop at home, so I prefer standard books, because they are light and portable. I like reading in the bath and in the car, so I’d need to put my desktop on a trolley or something, and if I fell asleep my computer would electrocute or crush me or something.

    I know you might say the same things about ebook on a reader, being light and portable, but the interface on standard books is actually really good. “Find bookmark, open.” I use an irviver for my audiobooks and on car journeys its always “Detatch from recharge cable. Switch on. Find track. Fiddle with radio dohickey. Listen.” and so for short trips I go “Who can be bothered?”. I think for me an e-reader would be similar. Unless it had really huge battery life, I’d keep going “Oh, forgot to charge the reader again.”

  5. jam (staff) Says:

    It is an interesting question isn’t it!! I love listening to audio-books, but I haven’t really made the step to reading fully e-text…

    I wonder what a kindle will be like!!

  6. loupie Says:

    I’ll have the book, thanks!
    I think ebooks are a great idea and I’m happy for others to use them, but I like the physical substance of a book.

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