Catmad was one of our first bloggers in 2008,  – a great post about Christmas ideas.  I contacted Catmad about answering some of my silly questions – and I was lucky to get some funny responses…. THANKS CATMAD!!!

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? Make everyone sit on their bottoms and feed them.

Favourite jellybean flavour?   White

Favourite book as a child?    The kittens who lost their mittens

Favourite dance move? Time Warp

Favourite book as an adult?   Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck

Favourite area to browse in the library?     746 and 747 (Can anyone guess what is in this area of the Non-fiction collection??)

List your top 3 hobbies.   Re-decorating, watching a good dvd, walking on the beach

Favourite food for the movies?  Skinny chai latte

Favourite character in a book or movie? (Why) Jane Eyre  her strength or belief in herself

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? Vanilla but don’t like ice cream

Favourite fizzy drink?   Tonic water

Favourite tv series?       North & South

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place?    Not sure haven’t seen enough yet.

Favourite band/group?   Coldplay

Favourite sports star?     Pat Rafter – he is so generous of spirit and down to earth

What do you like to do on your holidays?    As little as possible

What is your favourite Christmas memory?   Receiving a bride doll when I was about 6

Who is your hero or role model?     My mum- she was awesome

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One Response to “Catmad – THE INTERVIEW!”

  1. Melli (library staff) Says:

    Where have you been Catmad?

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