School 2010


So the summer holidays are almost over… you have spent your time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.  Now you have to put on your school uniform and spend your days in the classroom… but is it really all that bad??  What interesting events are coming up for this school year?  Do you have a big excursion to a National Park?  Are you finally going on school camp??  Are you going to audition for the school musical or play? Do you get to study subjects that you have been waiting years to be in the right grade to study?  Tell us what you can’t wait to do at school this year!!

As for us, we go straight from school holiday fun and activities to getting ready for storytimes and the next holiday plans!! Can’t wait!! 🙂


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One Response to “School 2010”

  1. retracingme Says:

    🙂 thnx for that.
    I was feeling abit discouraged about having to go back to school. But a positive attitude always helps 🙂

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