We get some great comments from bloggers about our blog posts, so I thought “Why not interview these fabulous people as well!!”  It is vital to know what would happen if one of your local librarians ruled the world for a day – don’t you think???

So here are the answers to Bindi’s great interview!!

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do?
End animal suffering. I don’t know how but I would endeavour.

Favourite jellybean flavour?
Classic red

Favourite book as a child?
Monty – The Runaway Mouse by Esta DeFossard. It’s a beautiful book about a mouse who runs away from home. Lovely real-life pictures that make me a bit sad. I think they used a dead mouse to tell the story. 😦

Favourite dance move?
The lasso. It makes me lolz.

Favourite book as an adult?
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Favourite area to browse in the library?
Finance or travel.

List your top 3 hobbies.
Vegetable gardening, seeing live bands and studying Japanese.

Favourite food for the movies?
I don’t like to take food usually.

Favourite character in a book or movie? (Why)
I love Napoleon Dynamite because he shows such raw emotion.

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)?
Mango, mmmmm.

Favourite fizzy drink?

Favourite tv series?
Seinfeld or Eastenders.

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place?
Winton – Western Queensland, so country.

Favourite band/group?
Rise Against

Favourite sports star?
Hmmmm, I’ve heard of sports, but I don’t know him.

What do you like to do on your holidays?
I like to relax and shop in second hand shops.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?
Being with my family and having a full stomach.

Who is your hero or role model?
My Mum because she is a wonderfully beautiful person!


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2 Responses to “Bindi – THE INTERVIEW”

  1. jam (staff) Says:

    That’s great!

  2. Melli (library staff) Says:

    I found a link to Monty. It really is a beautiful book that always takes me back…

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