Christmas. The debriefing.


Well, did you get what you wanted?

Apparently last year there were around 6-7% of Christmas gifts returned or exchanged in Australia. Thats a lot of pressies when you think about it.

I’m a pretty easy-going person and can see the funny side of bad gifts. So when my Grandmother in-law gave me 10 pairs of white – yes white – socks, I saw this as a kind gesture and found the socks perfect to use whilst polishing the car! (On my hands, not on my feet)

So what did you get that you really liked?

And, what did you get that you really, really, really hated?

My favorite gift of all time was a BMX bike. It was red and silver and we went everywhere all the time at top speed! Age 6.

Worst gift….Battery powered shoe polisher. Age 30 —-Beat that!


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3 Responses to “Christmas. The debriefing.”

  1. jam (staff) Says:

    This year I got the new STAR TREK dvd… LOVED IT!! (Now wishing I had seen it on the big screen)

    I usually love what ever my friends/family get me – but I have to admit I get a little disappointed when things break within a day.

  2. DJ Says:

    Well this Christmas my presents were very well thought out and handy. Hmm except for the massive slushy machine box that I had to somehow get on a plane! (Mothers do not listen when you tell them you want presents that can be easily transported in suitcases!). However, who can complain about slushies? Certainly not me!

    I have never really hated/disliked any of my Christmas presents over the years as I’m a firm believer in “it’s the thought that counts” however I have taken a few daggy clothing pieces back to the shops on occasion (thanks again mum).

    A close friend of mine definitely got the best gift in my view. Of course this gift was from their most favourite person (yours truly!), a padded SUMO suit! I only wish I could have afforded two! Hilarious!

  3. Rachel Says:

    My parents gave me a rain gauge for my 30th birthday. Useful in the country where they live, maybe not as much in Brisbane where I live. Mum still gets a little annoyed when I can’t tell her exactly how much rain we’ve had because I haven’t checked the gauge.

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