Word pictures and giant posters


If you’re sitting around over the holidays, twiddling your thumbs and wondering how to make your environment just a little more visually interesting, here are two excellent, fun and free websites that you can use. Check them out:

Word pictures: Go to Wordle to create amazing word cloud pictures from text. Type in whatever you want, cut and paste text or supply the URL of your favourite website or blog (words that are repeated are bigger in the final product). Once you’ve got your word cloud you can play around with the layout, font and colour. Try pasting in the lyrics to your favourite song, with the artists name repeated, and have a play with the result. Once you’re happy with it, print it out and pin it up.

Giant posters: Use Block Posters to turn your favourite picture into a giant wall-sized poster. You upload the image, choose how big you want your poster and then download the file, with the image broken up into A4 sized pages. Print it out and piece it together and voila! one giant poster of your photo. Check out the gallery on the website for some fantastic inspiration.

Does anyone else know of any cool sites to play graphics with?


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One Response to “Word pictures and giant posters”

  1. jam (library staff) Says:

    That is fantastic loupie!!! I have so many ideas of how to use this!

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