Who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTERS


Okay, I think it is pretty official now, if I have seen it on imdb.  Although we will have to wait until 2012 until it comes to our screens! GHOSTBUSTERS III is going to be made!!!

While you might be too young to have seen it on the big screen when the first two came out, Ghostbusters 3 I’m sure will be so full of laughs and thrills – that will make you wish you did!  I remember being VERY, VERY scared of all the different ghosts, until I re-watched it recently and saw how very ’80’s the special effects were.  It may have been rated PG – bit I know that it scared me!! 

SO – have you seen the first 2 movies?  Who are your favourite characters? What do you hope to see??


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2 Responses to “Who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTERS”

  1. Melli (library staff) Says:

    Fabulous!I really liked the secretary and I hope Ray Parker Junior sings a catchy song. (Lol)

  2. sam Says:

    Hey Jam,

    I was a huge fan of the Ghostbuster films. I loved SLIMER, remember he was the friendly ghost and I hope that he makes a return in the 3rd installment. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroud were excellent at busting those nasty ghosts! I’m sure they will reprise their roles. I’m rather excited about the news of a 3rd film and will be seeing this at the movies when it finally does come out!

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