Next up in our Interview Series is AMBER!!  Thanks Amber for agreeing to be interviewed by me!  I personally have never had a blue jelly bean – so I can’t tell anyone what flavour they actually are… but here is the interview!

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? Probably something entirely selfish, like travelling from East to West visiting cities I love.

Favourite jellybean flavour? Whatever the blue ones are.

Favourite book as a child? Roald Dahl – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Favourite dance move? The Robot. The ultimate move for people who can’t dance.

Favourite book as an adult? Dave Eggers – You Shall Know Our Velocity.

Favourite area to browse in the library? 641.8 – baking!

List your top 3 hobbies. Baking, knitting and picnicking.

Favourite food for the movies? Butter popcorn.

Favourite character in a book or movie? (Why) Max Records. Because Where the Wild Things Are is such a great story, and Max is so cute and cheeky. It’ll be great to see him on the big screen!

Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? Hokey pokey.

Favourite fizzy drink? I don’t really drink it.

Favourite tv series? Iron Chef

Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Mt Tambourine for cold, cosy weather in front of the fire. Melbourne for music and books shopping. Great Barrier Reef for relaxing.

Favourite band/group? To show my age: Stephen Malkmus, closely followed by Bob Dylan.

Favourite sports star? I don’t follow any sport!

What do you like to do on your holidays? I usually end up spending most of my time eating.

What is your favourite Christmas memory? 1991, I was 8. My sister and I were given a Super Nintendo for Christmas and were allowed to play it all day long on our then “big” screen television. I was in heaven!

Who is your hero or role model? This is a really hard question and I don’t really think my answers would be heroes or role models, but people who I really admire because of how diverse their lives are. My top 3: Nick Cave, Morrissey and Neil Young. All of them have had such long and full careers (Nick Cave is a screenwriter, author, musician and actor!), and have been advocates for animal rights and environmental issues. Again, showing my age.


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