Where the Wild Things Are: A Movie Review


Yesterday was the opening of the highly anticipated Where the Wild Things Are, and I rushed from work to see it on opening night. I know we’ve carried on about it a bit leading up to the release, so it’s no surprise that I had pretty high expectations.

The original story of cheeky Max venturing away to the world where the wild things are has obviously been padded out substantially thanks to one of my favourite authors, Dave Eggers. The beginning sees a somewhat lonely Max seeking attention from his older sister and newly dating mother and obviously missing his Dad, wherever he may be. This introduction works really well and Max Records, who plays Max does such a wonderful job. Max is an adorable and imaginative boy with very intense emotions, and eventually this intensity builds to a point which brings him to flee to the world where the wild things are.

And oh, the wild things! I promised myself I wouldn’t fill my review simply with my affection for these loveable monsters and their perfect voices (James Gandolfini who voices Carol is just so perfect), but it’s going to be difficult not to. At first I felt amazement seeing the monsters move, speak, smile, cry etc., but beyond that point I didn’t think about people in suits, actors in a studio or clever animatronics and CGI. They were simply characters as real as Max was. They were all hilarious, scary and heart-breaking at the same time.

Without giving away any spoilers, I definitely have favourite parts. I loved seeing how elements in Max’s world and the people in it are reflected in the traits of each monster. Bob and Terry really made me laugh and the closing scene almost had me in tears. This movie really swept me up and away and I loved that.

All the elements just sat right for me: the actors, the music (done by the wonderful Karen O and a bunch of kids), the Victorian forest… Maurice Sendak recently said in an interview that this isn’t just a film version of his books, rather Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are and I think that’s pretty spot on. It’s more a re-creation.

So please, go out and see it and tell me what you think! Don’t worry about expectations, you won’t be disappointed.


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3 Responses to “Where the Wild Things Are: A Movie Review”

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  2. Melli (library staff) Says:

    Totally agree. I loved Carol and the gang! I loved the faces, the fur, the feathers and their funny bodies. Just wonderful. I also really liked the fact that they shot parts of the movie in the recently charred forest. It really looked amazing and I’m sure it was a boon for the community. An amazing movie!

  3. Al Says:

    Thanks! I was too nervous to see it in case it didn’t work – now I can’t wait!!!

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