So… what are you doing for Xmas this year?


OK! I’m 36. And for as long as I can remember my Mum has spent days preparing this sumptuous feast that leaves hardly enough room on the rather large dinning table for even the bonbons and every one at the table groaning in pain because we’ve all stuffed our selves silly.

It goes something like this……She’ll start making a list of ingredients a month in advance and then do the shopping nice and early just in case the shops run out of ingredients. About the 23rd she’ll start spicing and marinating pork and lamb. The 24th some of the other dishes will be prepared, ie. pies or quiches, and some of the pasta or potato salads. Then, on the big day (after the pressies are opened) Mum will announce that everyone is to keep out of her way, and stay out of the kitchen. Then the real cooking will start.

Family and friends will all sit around talking and munching on nibblies. Occasionally we will halfheartedly ask if we can be of any assistance in the kitchen. Which  (thankfully) is always met with a “No, I’ve got everything under control!”

…….. And then it happens! Just when you can hardly stand the fantastic aroma emanating from the kitchen……….. “O.K! you can all set the table set now!”  Then everyone races around moving cutlery, crockery, glasses, and dishes of food enough to feed a small army. We all take a seat, crack the bonbons – laugh at the stupid jokes, and begin.

This year will be different….

This year we will have plenty of yummy food. All the family will be there. There will be some friends there as well. There will be a few presents. But this year Mum won’t have to spend weeks in preparation and days of cooking. We have finally convinced her that we would all do a little bit of cooking and that she would sit and chat and have nibbles, and be looked after by us for a change. There has been some resistance. We may have to let her set the table. It will be interesting to see how we go.

Obviously food, and being together as a family is very important in my household.

Tell me, what do you love about Christmas. Does anyone else out there have to eat potato salad for three days because their Mum just goes mental in the kitchen???


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2 Responses to “So… what are you doing for Xmas this year?”

  1. sam Says:

    This year is set to be a quiet christmas for my family. My parents, my brother and me on my parents deck with a variety of foods. We traditionally stay away from hot stuff opting for cold meats, salads and fruit. My mum whips up a number of salads she has designed to suit all of our tastes. Last year she made extra special treats – apricot balls, rum balls and truffles – all having a slight variation to the traditional type. We were eating them through to June tho as she went a tad crazy and made millions!

  2. loupie Says:

    Oh, yes! My Mum goes crazy. A couple of years ago we sat down to Christmas dinner and she produced ham, roast pork, roast beef, two roast chickens and a roast duck. She says “have a bit of duck, Lou, I cooked it for you.” A whole duck? “Well, no-one else eats it but I know it’s your favourite….” And she couldn’t cook just one chicken, because she always cooks two. And the roast beef (I’m talking nearly 3kg of beef here) was because one of my brothers likes beef better than pork. And that’s just the meat, then there are the vegies…..
    Absolutely INSANE – it’s always a mountain of food.

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