Christmas ideas


We all know Christmas is just around the corner and we all know Christmas can be expensive. Why not save a bit of money and think about making some of your gifts and decorations, they don’t have to be daggy items that no one will keep either!

Little hand made Christmas decorations are an easy and fun to make. With a bit of felt, knowledge of blanket stitch, a few beads and a ribbon you can quickly whip up a pretty star or Christmas dove.  No sewing machine is required!

Or if you are a little bit handy in the kitchen how about making some jam, lemon butter, cookies or a small fruit cake. You can then make your own labels for the jams, decorate a box for the cookies and find a pretty ribbon for the cake. 

 And if all else fails visit your local library for further present and decoration ideas!


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2 Responses to “Christmas ideas”

  1. Melli (library staff) Says:

    A Green Christmas! What a fabulous idea! I’m reading just a book at the moment. I think I will make scented fabric hearts to hang on the tree and use old maps to wrap presents. There’s a photo of some gifts wrapped in brown paper with some green and red ribbon – they look really good.

  2. jam (library staff) Says:

    You have some really great ideas there!
    Is your Christmas tree full of the felt decorations? I think that decorating your tree like that would be pretty awesome. My only problem about baking anything for presents – is the temptation of eating them before I have them wrapped up nicely!

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