So, one of the first bloggers I contacted to find out a little more about was TRAV.  He graciously answered my questions – even the jellybean one!  I thought it would be more fun to hear about his favourite things – sort of like when Oprah has her ‘favourite things’ TV episode… So here are my questions for TRAV!


bread & butter pudding by jules:stonesoup from flickr:

If you ruled the world for one day what would you do? Melt down all the guns!
Favourite jellybean flavour? Black

Favourite book as a child? The Magic Pudding

Favourite dance move? Ha! With two left feet, that would be Watching!!!
Favourite book as an adult? Sooo Many!!! Probably The Lord Of the Rings
Favourite area to browse in the library? Gardening
List your top 3 hobbies. Fishing, Hiking, Playstation
Favourite food for the movies? Mixed lollies
Favourite character in a book or movie? (Why) Rincewind – He’s a wizard with problems. He makes me laugh (Terry Pratchett books)
Favourite ice-cream flavour (or mix-in)? Rum ‘n Raisin
Favourite fizzy drink? Sars
Favourite tv series? Stargate
Favourite Aussie landmark/vacation place? Tassie. Very beautiful. Good fishing too!
Favourite band/group? Transvision Vamp
Favourite sports star? Andre Agasi. A true gentleman and a hard worker for many charities’!
What do you like to do on your holidays? See new places – experience new cultures
What is your favourite Christmas memory? Family. And just being together. Mum, Dad, Brother Grandparents, Uncles Aunts, Cousins and Friends all together at once. Really looking forward to Christmas with my new little Boy.

Who is your hero or role model? My Mum and Dad. They are just fantastic and I love them.

Thanks to Trav for those answers – do you like any of the same books?  Who is your favourite character?


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One Response to “Trav – THE INTERVIEW!”

  1. Melli Says:

    Have a wonderful first Christmas with the little one!
    I really like the Transvision Vamp song ‘I Want Your Love’. Do they have a new CD?

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