Did you know? (I didn’t!!!!)


There’s beef fat in fabric softener!

That’s outrageous I hear you say! Aha. It’s called tallow, so watch out all vegetarians.

Do you know something you think I don’t know? Please tell us all because there’s lots of stuff I know I don’t know.


4 Responses to “Did you know? (I didn’t!!!!)”

  1. Melli Says:

    Interesting! I didn’t know that either. I’m forever mondegreening or making up my own words. See.

  2. loupie Says:

    Did you know that when you mishear the lyrics of song, and replace them with your own (often funnier) version, that it’s called a mondegreen? It was given this name in 1954 by author, Sylvia Wright, who as a child misheard a line of poetry “They hae slain the Earl o’ Murray, and laid him on the green” as “And Lady Mondegreen” – who, she wondered was this mysterious lady who is not mentioned anywhere else in the poem?

    A classic is Hendrix’s “scuse me while I kiss the sky” being misheard as “while I kiss this guy”. Malachy McCourt’s memoir “A Monk Swimming” is the mondegreen he made of reciting the line in the Hail Mary – “blessed art thou amongst women”.

    My favourite home-grown mondegreen is my mum asking, when my brother was listening to AC/DC’s “Can I sit next to you girl”, “Who’s Hugo, and why does he want to sit next to him?”

    • Amber (library staff) Says:

      My sister and I were talking about mondegreens a week or so ago… though we admittedly didn’t know the correct term.

      My favourite is: “Hold me closer, Tony Danza”, instead of “Hold me closer, tiny dancer”.

  3. jam (library staff) Says:

    wow – I didn’t know that!! I wonder what other things we don’t know about?!

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