Peddling Gold Coast


All right, so you’ve lived here forever, or, maybe you’re new to the Gold Coast…

Why not hit some of the Gold Coast’s cycle tracks and take the time to  leisurely cruise the streets and check out our city?

You will be amazed at what you see from the bike that you miss when zipping around in the car or bus.

There are great parks all over the place – check out the Councils’ web page for maps of the “On road” and “Off road” cycle ways from Beenleigh to Coolangatta.

Why cycle?

  • Good exercise – check out this cool site – you can put in various activities and see how many calories you burn at Fitness 2 live
  • It’s good fun – cycle with a mate
  • It’s good for the environment

You might also want to have a look at overview of  bikeways on the Gold Coast City Council website for a guide to cycling on the Gold Coast, safety tips, road rules, bike security and contacts to report damaged bike ways.

Check out what’s happening with Vibe and see where professional BMX rider Tim Wood will be hosting his Coastal Grind BMX Workshops and Jams.


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