Teenager Discrimination MAKES ME GRUMPY!


Okay, second blog!

So, my blogs are mainly ones that are MY opinion based. It’s MY opinion which doesn’t make any of it right and it wouldn’t be right to use MY blog in your homework or assessment.

Now that out of the way! Let’s get blogging!

This is what I am blogging about and at first you’re just going to yawn but this is what makes me really angry…

Teenager Discrimination.

Again, I know, yawn. But hear me out!
Now, I was shopping lately and I couldn’t find anything in the shop so I just walked out. The person in front of me looks about 33 and the bag checker just dismissed her without checking her bag. But when I try to walk out she stops me and demands, not-so-nicely, to look in my bag. After the bag checker looks through my bag she lets me out but without taking her eyes off me. Okay, again, yawn! But, I turn around and see another person above the age of 27 walk through without a bag check!

Is that even legal?
Why does my bag get checked when people older than me don’t get there’s?

Yes, I know, teenagers steal. But, stereotyping them? Making them all seem evil? What is happening to this world?!
She was being judgemental and not doing her job.

What if one of the older people have stolen something but she just trust them because there older? No, I don’t think so.

So, yea, that annoys me and when it happens, I feel like screaming.

Also, I’ve been trying to get a casual or christmas job. Its isn’t working. Older people keep getting the job. Again, stereotyping! I am smart, I am A student with Great communications skills but no, go give the job to the 19 year old idiot who can’t count there toes.

Has this happened to anyone or is the world out to get me?
x o x o.

P.S. I WANT A JOB!!! But not at a fast food place!


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6 Responses to “Teenager Discrimination MAKES ME GRUMPY!”

  1. steph Says:

    hey i totally agree. im 17 and live near a shopping centre which i sometimes to go after school. and every time without fail i am asked to surrender my bag for an inspection. Especially when im wearing my school uniform. Its so annoying when i see an older person getting passed without being asked. I think they should ask everyone or no one. dont stereotype. its infuriating.

  2. Melli (library staff) Says:

    It is really hard when you’re looking for work. Keep positive and do the best you can. Maybe you could try applying for different kinds of jobs. And working in a fast food place isn’t so bad – it could lead to bigger and better things.

    • Amber (library staff) Says:

      Agreed about fast food places! Yes, it’s not nice going home smelling like french fries, but it’s a start. The sad thing is, almost everywhere else requires experience, even retail these days. But stick with it, I’m sure whatever you manage to find you will grow to love.

  3. Secretly Smart Says:

    Oh Dam, my bad.
    I am such an idiot. I didn’t even proof read this one. =.=

  4. Anon Says:

    Hey I completely agree but you may want to get the right ‘there’ (their not there) after the bit about the 19 year old idiots. 🙂

  5. jam (staff) Says:

    Hi Secretly Smart!
    Well done on your second blog! You are right – this blog is just for information and opinions – not for homework!! (where else can we get away from assignments to chat about the fun stuff??) Also – that why the librarians are here – to help with assignment questions and pointing people in the right direction when doing homework!! 🙂

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