Opinion Time. Twilight great or dumb?


Okay, this is a first blog and I wanted to see if I could do this right.
So, here goes!

Everyone has heard of Twilight right?
Well what does everyone think? It is a bestseller novel and a movie thats made all us teenagers swoon!
But is it that great? Are we just all into it because it’s the new thing?


If anyone said this to me last year I would have been annoyed. I thought vampires where a bad bed time story. They where pale, frightening, bloodthirsty and done right weird. If anyone said they liked Vampires, I would have vomitted.  

But I guess Twilight has changed that. Vampires are now something new. Pretty glamorous. They are gorgeous, immortal creatures that now make me stare in wonder.

Now, to be truthful. I don’t love the Twilight movie or the saga. I used to be that crazed teenager  but not so much.  I explored the book world and became what I thought was not cool or normal: A book worm. I am happy that I read novels and I am glad that Twilight opened me up to read.

But again, I only began reading because it was the ‘in thing’ right then. But I am glad but I wonder some people’s opinion.

So, Twilight (book or movie) great or dumb?



12 Responses to “Opinion Time. Twilight great or dumb?”

  1. Sam Says:

    I love the books.The movies suck,though.I think the reason so many people hate Twilight is because they’ve seen the movies(Again,they suck)is because they don’t even bother reading the books(Which are great).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The books are great!The movies,however,are horrible.

  3. Bresignda Says:

    I didn’t like twlight the books. I loved vampires before it was cool to like them, then every ones said to me to read them. It was a bit of a disappointment to me, I dont kno, maybe it was because I had read better vampire romances before Twlight… I just couldn’t get into it, though if you tell my friends that twlight sucks then I willl be heading for an early grave.

  4. loupie Says:

    Well, one of the good things about being a librarian is that you get to follow the crowd with reading trends … because you have to for work!

    S.Smart, I agree about Vampire Academy – interesting, dramatic, bit of angst, but really not too much 🙂 and an interesting view of vampire society.

    P.S. woah there!! it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are entitled to an opinion. Plus, I’m completely sick and tired of people who will call someone stupid just because they don’t agree with them. If they want to come up with a reasonable argument great, if they just want to resort to calling you names, well, that’s pitiable.

  5. Secretly Smart. Says:

    Aww, thanks.
    I don’t know how to write blogs but its what I think about I guess. Because I got sucked into the crowd with Twilight and then started reading.
    I love that everyone is commenting, I always am told I am stupid 14 year old.

  6. melissa Says:

    I thought for your first blog it was really well. You got me interested and thinking about why I read it. I mean I thought it was an amazing series that had me hooked from the first page of Twlight. Its true thoug people really do just follow the crowd…. it was like that with Harry Potter and well now Twlight. I dont really follow the crowd but sometimes the crowd doesnt always lead you away from being yourself right? The movie was disappointing but o well at least the books are good!

  7. Secretly Smart Says:

    Yea, I can see where your coming from. To me, I am sucker for love stories, thats why I loved Twilight but I guess if you look at the big picture you do realise that Twilight does have its big faults.
    I didn’t love the movie.
    I did love the book but its not my favorite Vampire book, its probably my number six.
    I like the book series “Vampire Academy” it sounds corny and to be truthful, I bought the book to laugh at it btu instead I fell in love with it. Its amazingly written. And VERY SAD. But very funny. Look it up. Its amazing.

    Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
    Theres a long series that still isn’t finished but it will make you drop the book. I mean the best thing ever, confusing at first but you’ll get it.


  8. loupie Says:

    Well I thought Twilight was….. BAD.

    So angst ridden, so much whinging about how clumsy she was and how could anyone as wonderful as Edward even look at her and meanwhile half the male population of Spoon (or wherever it is) is in love with her. How bad can she be? And it just goes on and on and on for hundred of pages, through four door stop sized books.

    Urgh. I saw a review that said it was “Sweet Valley High with fangs.” Too true.

    Qualifier – I have no problem with anything that encourages people to read… as long as they keep reading. Other stuff. Good stuff….

    Speaking of which, try Holly Black’s “Valiant” for a great modern fairy tale.

    And another qualifier – I love vampire stories. Try “Sunshine” by Robin McKinley for a unique view of scary, compelling vampires.

  9. sam Says:

    I really became sucked in to the Twilight series – reading all 4 books in record time. While the books were absolutely fantastic, the movie was a real let downm, the characters on the big sceen failed to have the same effect on me that the books did.

    I will go and see all of the films though I am giving the film makers a chance to redeem themselves as who knows the next 3 films may be top quality.

    Has anyone read Stephenie Meyer’s The Host?

  10. jam (library staff) Says:

    Evil Unicorns?? Sounds fun! Let us know what the book is like when you read it!!

  11. Secretly Smart. Says:

    Thanks Jam.

    Well, I only started reading about… A couple of months ago so I haven’t read much but I really like fairy tales that are gone wrong.. Like faerie books. Right now I am reading “Wings” and trying to find this book called Rampant which is about evil unicorns. (I thought it was funny)


  12. jam (staff) Says:

    Hi Secretly Smart – great post!
    I really pleased that you feel happy to be a BOOKWORM! It is fun to find books that drag you into them and you eagerly turn the page!

    I realised after reading Twilight that while I don’t like all vampire books, I was compelled to keep reading this one. I also got other people into the story…including Kate – who didn’t like vampire books at all!!

    In my opinion – Twilight book GREAT! 🙂

    I was wondering – what other books have kept you interested?

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