What do you mean Halloween? Isn’t it Christmas time?


I have a confession to make.

I went shopping last night and bought Christmas decorations.
Ohhhhh, I know. It’s OCTOBER here, people!!
It felt so wrong.

And yet….. I couldn’t resist them. Their little twinkling lights. Their shiny holiday packaging. The festive joy they promise.

Actually, it’s for a party. BUT, if I’m being honest I was thinking about where I could put these little fairy lights at Christmas. And it’s not like I was alone in that aisle.

I think that in the USA the full-on Christmas retail experience gets pushed behind Halloween and Thanksgiving, but here we have nothing to hold back the tinselly tide.

Still, how soon is too soon? I don’t actually put my decorations up before December, but I start seriously stocktaking what I’ve got in the present cupboard and actively sourcing more presents from September.

What do you mean you don’t have a present cupboard?

Anyone else out there fattening up their Christmas goose yet?

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3 Responses to “What do you mean Halloween? Isn’t it Christmas time?”

  1. loupie Says:

    I’ve got a lot of red, gold and purple happening. Every year I see other colour themes that I would love to have, (last year it was hot pink, aqua and silver that looked fantastic together), but I tend to stick to those more traditional three. I like the 1st as a date for starting festive decoration (hanging the wreath as a kind of jolly gauntlet throwing), although I usually wait until the first weekend of December to put up the tree and all its trimmings.

  2. sam Says:

    The carols will be playing soon and we will be sick and tired of them when Christmas day finally arrives! Nonetheless, I do feel a sense of joy when I see all of the decorations up at shopping centres and the like…I hang mine up at home on December 1 (a tradition stemming back to childhood).

    Do you keep it to a theme loupie? red and green, gold and silver? I decked my place out last year using a wicked pink and silver which go nicely. Even my small tree is silver with tiny pink baubles. Jam I need a wreath – something that was missing last year at my place! 🙂

    Anyone else have a theme or do you use everything that catches your eye regardless of colour?

  3. jam (staff) Says:

    Don’t feel too bad loupie = I’ve just made a wreath for my front door!!

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