Vegemite…yuck or yum??


I was thinking the other day about the new Vegemite product and how much people either love or loath the sandwich spread.

I have a confession. I hate Vegemite. I remember having to eat it at school one day because my mother accidently switched my lunch with my brothers… my teacher MADE me it! Ewww.

But I think that I might be lonely in my dislike of Vegemite. I couldn’t even imagine trying the new spread.  Cheese mixed in with Vegemite?? 

So I was wondering are there any recipes that could help me get over my dislike of the Australian icon?  Do you eat your Vegemite in an unusual way?  Tell us your vegemite secrets!


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16 Responses to “Vegemite…yuck or yum??”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Avocado and vegemite is an amazing combo!

  2. [deXter] Says:

    I’m with you Jam. Simply hate Vegemite. My big bro actually likes it and says “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it”, but.. I’m still waiting.. 🙂

    As you might have guessed, I came here searching for tips on how to eat Vegemite. Now the only reason I eat it is because it’s supposed to be really, really healthy (And I need to finish off this jar which my bro got for me) – so what I do is, believe it or not: take a heaped teaspoonful of it, pinch my nose, eat it up as quickly as I can and gulp down a glass of water/juice!

    Prior to this, I tried many ways of “drowning” the taste of it by adding heaps of butter / jam / cheese / etc on the toast, but it only made it worse! By eating it straight of the jar, I’m preserving the sanctity of my precious toast, and guess what, I’m finishing off the damn jar more quickly than before! Only half of it remains, yay!

  3. jam (library staff) Says:

    See – I knew I would get some great ideas!!!

    I now have vegemite in my kitchen and have started experimenting!!!

  4. sam Says:

    Egg and vegemite was a staple in my household especially on those family picnic outings! You should give it a go jess?

    There are some interesting ideas and yes I have gone out and bought a jar to indulge in, might try the banana mix on toast!

  5. essjay Says:

    that mango salad sounds good loupie, be nice with a few prawns too, mango and prawns are great plate buddies !!! and just for fun you could smear a bit of vegemite on the plate for that extra bit of cusine decoration!!! sort of like parsley, its always on the plate but no-one eats it (I do).

  6. jam (library staff) Says:

    I knew if I put it our there I would get some great ideas…. I never would have thought of egg and vegemite!!

    Apparently if you put it with roast beef when you cook it – it turns out nice! The things you learn!! 🙂

    I’m so glad I have got all these great ideas – I’m going to go out and get some vegemite now!!

  7. essjay Says:

    try using it in your gravy!!! as loupie says it goes well with avo, I hate banana but I can eat it mashed on toast with vegemite, you would be horrified if you saw how much vegemite I use !!!! But I dislike the new one with the cheese stuff through it !!! It tastes chemically to me.
    You can spread it in the cavity of celery too !!!
    Try adding it to meatloaf as well – just stir a spoon of it through the mince !!!
    When I was a baby my mum put it in hot water and gave it to me in a bottle, lots of mums did that back then, but it is very salty so I wouln’t suggest that these days !!

  8. sam Says:

    Hi all, I thought I would put my ‘two cents worth in’ and say that I adore vegemite – both the old and the new recipe. As a kid my family would go for day trips and when we finally get to our destination we would have a picnic with mashed egg and vegimite breadrolls. They were real good especially after a long drive!

    The new recipe is good as a dip with carrot sticks – please try!

  9. jam (staff) Says:

    now that salad sounds delicious!! I think that because it has lettuce – that qualifies it for salad!!

    I think that the steak sounds like a great idea Trav… what a great way to use Vegemite!!

    See – I knew all I had to do was ask and I would get some great ideas!!

  10. loupie Says:

    Alright, if I haven’t sold you on putting vegemite and avocado together, try this for summer …… there’s no vegemite in it.

    Slice avocado and mango and arrange alternately on a bed of flat lettuce leaves. Throw lots of macadamia nuts over the top. Drizzle with a mango and passionfruit dessert sauce.

    Pretend it’s a salad because it has lettuce on the plate.

    No, really, I make terrible salads, but this one is fabulous with cold ham or chicken.

  11. Trav (Library Staff) Says:

    Try this, If you like a good steak, this is a fantastic marinade.
    Preheat oven to 140- degrees. Smear Vegimite over both sides of steak then sprinkle powdered French onion soup mix over each side before wrapping in aluminium foil and cooking for 80-90 minutes.


  12. loupie Says:

    Before you EWWW Kate, you should try it (didn’t your mother ever tell you that?)

  13. Bindi Says:

    Interesting recipes guys! I somehow don’t think I will be trying the avocado or the tomato or the new cheesy vegemite. I like it just the way it is, on toast.

  14. jam (staff) Says:

    Hmm… still not converting me.. 🙂

  15. Kate Says:

    I know it’s totally unAustralian of me, but I just don’t see the appeal of Vegemite. It’s kinda strange, because as a kid, I was a total Vegemite-and-butter-on-Saladas kinda gal. These days, I just can’t bring myself to eat it. It kinda hurts my mouth (strange, but true). If I must eat it, then it’s on toast, with lots of butter and slices of tomato.

    And loupie, I’m sorry, but avo and Vegemite together?! EWWW!

  16. loupie Says:

    OK – toast (not too dark) buttered, spread with vegemite (thinly – you don’t want it to scour the back of your throat out) and then schmeared with avocado, quick grind of black pepper, or a dash of lemon & mmmmmm. Believe me, the salty vegemite and the creamy avo are perfect together.

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