Friday five: Top five ideas for Halloween


I think in every post I’ve made recently I’ve commented on how quickly months and season are passing us by. And now it’s Halloween! In comparison to the States, Australia doesn’t go to much effort at all for Halloween, but it’s fun to have some spooky Halloween-ish treats, even if you’re not going to the fuss of trick-or-treating. I’ve found some wonderful things to make and do to celebrate this creepy occasion, some more appertising that the others.

5. Make a Halloween feast

There are so many fantastic recipes online for creepy yet tasty looking food. Try a monster meatloaf or some jack-o-lantern cupcakes. Look in the October edition of Delicious magazine (available from the library!) or look online. Epicurious have a whole collection of ideas, featuring some I’ve mentioned especially below.

4. Have a spooky movie marathon


Hire out a selection of scary movies and stay up late with your friends. If you’re like me and don’t really like to pay to be scared, chose older cult classics like the orginal Beetle juice,  Ghost busters, or Rocky Horror Picture Show, that are more funny than scary.

3. Make your friends some spiderweb cookies

I am a serious arachnaphobic, but I can make a slight allowance for things that are edible. You could make these as part of your Halloween feast, but these are too special to not mention them on their own. To make these cookies, simply ice some store bought biscuits with plain icing, swirl some black icing gel in a spiral over the top, and drag the icing with a toothpick to look like a spiderweb. Cheap and easy.

2. What’s better than a gingerbread house? A haunted gingerbread house!


A couple of years ago I made a gingerbread house for some friends for Christmas. As it was my first attempt at constructing any kind of giant, 3D edible object, it was a little… crooked. The fantastic thing about haunted gingerbread houses is that crooked works! The more slanty and unstable, the creepier it looks.

1. Host a Twilight party

 If you’re a Twilight fan, throwing a party for your friends is a fantastic idea for the ocassion. The best ideas I’ve seen have come from this blog: Hostess With the Mostest. All of the images for the labels and framed pictures are downloadable, so you can print them and stick them yourself!


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2 Responses to “Friday five: Top five ideas for Halloween”

  1. t Says:

    what is the mummy one i was just curious

  2. jam (staff) Says:

    I want to try all these ideas Amber!!!

    I especially like the idea of the haunted ginger bread house…

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