Friday Five: Top School Holiday Flicks


School holidays is almost here again and you are probably wondering what movies are out and what you might go see these holidays with your friends or family.

Here are the top five school holiday flicks for your viewing pleasure.

1.  3D UP

This new Disney Pixar movie sounds like a ‘must see’ school holiday flick.  If you liked Wall-E and other Disney  Pixar movies, chances are you are going to like this one.  It is packed with action, comedy, special visual effects and alot of heart.  I am definately going to check this one out!

2.  Aliens in the Attic

Action packed adventure story with aliens attacking whilst a family is away on holidays.  This is the funny tale of a battle between kids and aliens and the whole time their parents don’t even realise they have unwelcome visitors! Good for a laugh!

3.  G-Force

Who would have ever come up with the idea of a squad of top secret guinea pig agents? This movie looks hilarous with these outrageous spy guinea pigs trying to save the world from an evil billionaire!

4.  Imagine That

Imagine That stars the comedian Eddie Murphy who is a busy executive who doesn’t have much time for anything, including his 7 year old daughter.   This story takes a twist when Evan (Eddie Murphy) finds himself seeking advice from his daughter’s imaginary friends!

5.  Shorts

This is a tall tale of adventure from Robert Rodriguez, director of “Spy Kids” about 11 year old Toe Thompson and his discovery of a wish-granting rock that is causing dramas in his town of Black Falls.  Kids and adults alike will do anything to get their hands on it.  What will Toe do?

What is your favourite holiday movie?

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