Tales from a werewolf princess


I picked up Jatta by Jenny Hale because of it’s gorgeously dramatic red, black and white cover (you know and I know, and the marketers know, that we all judge a book by its cover). In some ways it’s a classic fantasy (young adult members of the royal family of an alternate world nation go on a quest to save their father’s kingdom from a rival, aggressive nation) and in others it is refreshingly different – why shouldn’t the sheltered and timid little princess turn into a monster? and why shouldn’t the hero prince have nightmares about killing people? And as for the lord magician who will save  them all…?

If you like fastasy then Jatta is well worth reading – it’s nicely paced, with dark humour, and the werewolves and Undead of Dartith are different enough to avoid being supernatural stereotypes.  Have a look at the website for the book to find out more about the characters and the Aussie author.


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