Paper towns


Many months ago I, for some reason, placed a hold on the book “Paper Towns” by John Green. Some pearl of wisdom from this blog informed me that it was Green’s best work so I thought I’d give it a crack even though I had never read a John Green novel before. Needless to say I was not sorry for having read this novel. Paper towns could be called one of those “coming of age stories” but to me it had that and then some. Paper towns has all the ingredients of a great novel: mystery, suspense, factual information, humour, a crazy road trip or two, pop culture and just a pinch of the mushy love stuff, but not so much to make you want to vomit! Ahh what a refreshing and entertaining young adult novel!

Paper Towns tells the story of the somewhat nerdy Q, his closest friends, and the illusive object of his affections, Margo Roth Spiegelman (what a rock chick name!). Margo likes to run away from home frequently but when she leaves home following a night of vengeful pranks with Q, leaving a series of clues that only he can solve, Q has his doubts. Margo’s clues lead Q and his best friends on a road trip across the country where every minute is planned to the tiniest detail to ensure they get to a set destination on time. However, with a best friend who has the bladder of a child, and all the road trippers decked out in graduation cloaks, keeping to such a tight schedule may not be as simple as planned!

 This is the first John Green novel I’ve read, it definitely won’t be the last. The characters remind you of people you know, they sound like your friends, they could be your friends if your friends were in a novel! I can’t wait to read another of his works!


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