Friday five: Five reasons why I love Spring


Predictable? Maybe. But somehow time has flown by since my Winter post and as the need to wear a cardigan grows smaller by the day, it’s hard to ignore that Spring is almost upon us! I will miss you my beloved Winter, but also really, really look forward to the following things Spring will bring us:

5. My Birthday

October 6th, smack bang in the middle of the Season. Remember it! I like tea and anything food related 😉

4. On your bike!

I admit, I’m not really an outdoors-y type of person. I don’t play sport, I start to freak out that I’m getting sunburnt if I spend more than fifteen minutes in the sun, and as it gets warmer I loathe the humidity. But Spring is THE perfect time for any outdoors activity. It’s not yet too hot, there’s usually a cool breeze and all of the birds, butterflies and flowers start to make themselves known. Go for a walk at the Natural Bridge in Springbrook or a bike ride along coast. It’s hard to get out sometimes, but it’s oh so worth it once you’re there.

3. Ice cream eating

This is cheating a little, considering Winter never dare stop me from eating ice cream. But surely Spring is just another excuse. I also acquired an ice cream maker last year for Christmas and really need to use it more often. What better time than Spring?! My favourite flavour: hokey pokey. Or turkish delight gelato, if that counts.

2. Spring/Summer fashion

What does a new season require? A new wardrobe of course!

1. Picnics

My absolutely favourite thing about Spring is the ability to spend my weekends picnicing. Is that even a word? Who cares. No need to plan, just grab some crackers, cheese and chocolate from the supermarket and sit somewhere lovely and shady. Or, go nuts and make quiches, tarts, cookies, cakes, pies, muffins… I hope it’s sunny this weekend.

I think I sound food obsessed, which is probably true… What are your favourite things about Spring?


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One Response to “Friday five: Five reasons why I love Spring”

  1. Bindi Says:

    You only sound a little obsessed by food. One more food reason would have put you over the edge!
    I noticed that the warm weather is upon us on the weekend. Lots of boys have again started driving their cars shirtless! It always makes me laugh.

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