So, Which one is best? PS3, Wii or Xbox !!!


  orange-wii.jpg               070214_playstation3.jpg                 xbox360.jpg

Nintendo Wii                Sony Playstation 3             Microsoft Xbox 360

Comparing the Next Gen’ Gaming Consoles.

I’m not going to go into the technical side of things, I thought I would pose a few points for you to consider…

     Sony Xbox 360 Console PROS

·        Stylish, smooth console with interchangeable Xbox 360 faceplate, allowing gamers to customise their console

·         Xbox 360 dashboard is more user friendly than its predecessor, the Xbox

·         Built in wireless controller ability. Also slightly smaller than the Xbox controller & design more comfortable

·         Built in Windows Media Centre

·         Exceptional graphics

·         Three USB ports

·         Xbox Live


     Microsoft Xbox 360 Console CONS 

  •         Massive power box
  •         Hard drive is not standard unless your purchase Xbox 360 Elite (120GB hard drive), Xbox 360 Pro(20GB hard drive) or Xbox 360 Halo bundles (20GB hard drive)

Playstation 3 Console PROS

  •       Sleek & stylish design
  •        Most economic Blu-ray option ie. Gaming console & Blu-ray player in one
  •        Impressive graphics capability
  •        Wireless controllers with recharge cable included
  •        Lots of multimedia features

      Sony Playstation 3 Console CONS

  •                    Quite costly- most expensive next generation gaming consol   

     Wii Console PROS

  •        Small, compact, lightweight & simple design
  •        Easy to use & navigate
  •        Originality in approach to the gaming arena- virtual play
  •        Can backwards compatibility- allows gamer to play Gamecube games
  •        Encourages active gaming (literally)
  •        Great for parties
  •        Cheapest next generation gaming console

Nintendo Wii Console CONS

  • Games are basic
  • Non-advanced graphics
  • Peripherals are sold separately, I.e. Tennis rackets etc.  

 So, after doing a bit of re-search and talking to friends, I have decided that it really depends on what you want to get out of the console.

If you love basic games and want to use it with friends or at parties, the Wii might be great for you. The fact that you can interact with the games in a virtual environment is pretty cool too!

On-line gaming? Well Xbox has that niche covered for the moment, and probably has the biggest range of game available.
If spectacular graphics, sound and the ability to play Bluray are a must, PS3 would be your best bet.

For me though, i’ll just stick to the old PS2!

I would love to hear some feedback though!
Which is the prefered gaming console for Queensland teens? And why?


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One Response to “So, Which one is best? PS3, Wii or Xbox !!!”

  1. free wii Says:

    wii for me!

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