RSPCA Cupcake Day


What a great idea!

I love animals and I love cupcakes. My two favourite things.

Cupcake day starts off on Monday, August 17. All you need to do is register on the RSPCA website to be a cupcake cook and get cooking for the big day. After registering the RSPCA will send you some goodies in the form of a cupcake kit to promote your event – posters, balloons and other pretty things.

Next, whip up your favourite cupcake recipes (using cruelty free or  free range eggs) and then on the 17th ask your friends, family, teachers and/or colleagues to buy your delicious cupcakes. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? We get to eat lovely cupcakes while at the same time helping to support and care for thousands of animals.

The RSPCA have even supplied some decorating ideas here.

Have a great Cupcake Day!

I know I will!


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One Response to “RSPCA Cupcake Day”

  1. Bindi Says:

    Cupcake day was a great success!
    Everyone enjoyed eating the delicious treats and donating to the RSPCA. My cupcakes looked a little radioactive (bright pink) but they tasted o.k. I’ll have to practice for next year and perfect my art.

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