News Flash, News Flash!


Grange Hill on DVD has arrived in the Library!

In my day (insert ‘old timers’ comment here) I used to watch Grange Hill after school. It was fascinating and scary to see what was happening in the school yard of our mother country. I am happy to say that my high school career wasn’t as dramatic as those who attended Grange Hill.

I just had a quick look at the Grange Hill wiki page (to make sure I had all my facts right – because I can never trust my failing memory) and I discovered that it ran for 30 years! I remember chuckling how the students used to come back as student teachers and teachers. Hilarious! Me and Grange Hill (and Degrassi) had some good times. I hope you too can discover its realistic but dated magic. Your local library has Series 1 & 2 at the moment but be on the lookout for all of the others.

I think it was Grange Hill that encouraged me to head overseas and seek out people with those great London accents. Maybe it will have the same effect on you?


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One Response to “News Flash, News Flash!”

  1. jam (staff) Says:

    I saw it when I walking through the shelves this morning… HILARIOUS!!! I can’t wait to borrow a dvd or two and get nostalgic!

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