Friday five: Top 5 Winter fashion faux pas


 low jeans

A warning to all teens: The older I get, the more I begin to sound like my Mum. It will happen to you, as much as you try to resist it. One area in particular is my taste – or should I say distaste – with certain trends that are emerging with this year’s Winter fashion. In an attempt to vent, here is my top five most hated fashion faux pas.

5. Winter fashion… with summer shoes!

It’s a cold night, so out come the jackets, beanies, scarves, jeans… and thongs?! It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

4. Socks and thongs.

What frustrates me more than thongs with jeans? Thongs with socks. I can’t even believe that this actually happens. I don’t think I really have to explain this one.

3. Ripped jeans.

Thankfully, this trend is something I have seen very few times in the flesh (pun intended), but so many times in recent issues of fashion mags. When I buy I new pair of jeans, I pay for them to be still intact, thankyouverymuch.

2. Girls wearing tights… with not much else.  

I don’t know when exactly this started, but all of a sudden there are a lot of girls of all ages (my age included) strutting around wearing a lovely top, a fantastic pair of shoes, black tights… and yeah, that’s about it. At least they’re confident I suppose.

1.  Visible underwear.

Now this trend – which never seems to die – defies all seasons. No matter what time of year, I can’t seem to avoid getting an eyeful of a pair of jeans hung too low. I like underwear to stay where it’s intended to: under clothes.

Feel free to call me crazy with my list of pet hates. Or even better, tell me your most hated fashion mistakes. Extra points if they’re the same as mine!


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8 Responses to “Friday five: Top 5 Winter fashion faux pas”

  1. susie-jane Says:

    Hey, I like harem pants, in fact I have a very nice silk pair that dont look like you have a nappy on !!! They can be quite flattering if worn correctly !!

  2. Melli (library staff) Says:

    What about Harem pants – they are soooo not flattering!

    • Amber (library staff) Says:

      Harem pants are – without a doubt – the worst thing to happen to 2009, in my opinion 😦

  3. susie-jane Says:

    oh the fashion follies !!!

    socks with brown sandals !!!!

    flared jeans that are too too short with boots!!!

    g string undies at full mast and jeans at half mast!!!!

    I could go on and on but then you may think me a little picky !!!!

    but, the worst one would have to be food stains down the front of a white t-shirt !!!

  4. Dani Says:

    couldn’t agree more.
    on all five points.
    we may live on the gold coast but leave things for summer and the beach.
    invest in some real shoes. and please not ugg boots.
    or the ultimate ugg lined crocs. 😐

    but seriously. tights with nothing else… leaves nothing to the imagination.
    and thats not a good thing. someone forgot their skirt?

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