Cookin’ up a storm!


Ok! so Master Chef and a myriad of other cooking style shows have been all over the TV lately. And mum and dad have probably been hogging the TV and so you have had to watch them too.

We all love food, but to be honest, some of these dishes are a bit fancy for me, (besides, some of the ingredients are a bit suss – can you imagine serving up a whole pigs head to the family to eat? I think not!)

While trying to get that image out of your head……. Why not have a look at some more simple (and tasteful) dishes on . It’s a great site with around 16000 recipes to choose from. And a really easy search option to locate recipes really easily.

We all have to do some sort of “Home economics” classes at high school which often turn out some interesting dishes. I remember making Anzac biscuits and putting 4 teaspoons of bi-carb soda instead of 1/4 of a teaspoon, and having created huge flat biscuits that flew really well when thrown across the room but were otherwise inedible…

Anyway, to keep cooking a bit more simple and enjoyable, you might like to check out some of these books on the library catalogue;

Dinner in 10: cook simple, stylish food in 10 minutes flat by  Ed Halmagyi.

4 Ingredients. 2. [over 400 fast, fabulous & flavoursome recipes using 4 or fewer ingredients
 by Kim  McCosker

Just 5 things: Gourmet cooking with just a handfull of ingredients by Rachel Lane

Just 4 Ingredients : The Australian Womens Weekly by Pamela Clark.

4 Ingredients : over 340 quick, easy & delicious recipes using 4 or less ingredients. 
 by Kim McCosker

……….Or, just pop into the library and check out the cooking section.

Who knows you may just cook up a storm and impress the family.

And, because you did the cooking……….it’s someone else’s job to clean up!!!

Bon appetite!


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2 Responses to “Cookin’ up a storm!”

  1. jam (library staff) Says:

    I love making cupcakes!! Stir-fry and spaghetti are also great recipes… however I have to admit that i’m not that good at other dishes!

    Oh – I do make a good chicken and salad sandwich!! 🙂

  2. susie-jane Says:

    Well i remember making a sponge cake in home ec using 10 eggs. Well I opened the oven door to take a peek and the door slammed shut. Consequently, the cake raised to a height of half an inch !!!! The last thing I remember was seeing some of the boys playing frisbee with it at lunchtime !!!!

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