Cosmetic Testing On Animals – Vote with your $


Vote with your $!

Companies take note when sales decrease and increase and I believe we can make a difference and stop the unnecessary suffering of our fury, feathered, hairy, hooved and scaled friends.

Have you ever considered how products are made and where they come from? So much ‘stuff’ contains animal derived and cruelty derived ingredients that could be sourced from more ‘friendly’ methods. Should a bunny really be used to inform us how we will react to a sunscreen or eyeliner? Bunnies and human beings are slightly different from one another and not just because the bunny is cuter than me.

Do we need to test toiletries and beauty products on animals? NO! Do animals test their animal products on us. NO! There are alternatives to animal testing. and (the voice for animlas) are great resources to investigate the issues and what we as consumers can do about animal testing and cruelty. Become a compassionate consumer today and choose everyday products wisely.

What else can we do to be compassionate consumers?


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