P!NK CONCERT!! So what!?!


I’ve been talking about the concert for months.  It really had gotten to the point that my workmates were waiting for it to be over so that I would stop talking about it….  P!NK was in town and I got to see her live!!!

I had been to P!NK’s last concert in Brisbane and was excited to be able to her FUNHOUSE tour concert.  I’m not really a concert goer – I would rather buy or borrow cds from the library then go to a concert that I can’t really afford!  But P!nk is different! 

This is probably where I should put a disclaimer in…. If you don’t want to know how brilliant the concert was or the fantastic songs that she sang – don’t read any further – skip down this entry and look at the one below.  On the other hand – if you want to know – keep reading!!!

First of all – while I don’t particularly like FAKER, they opened the show with their hit song: “This Heart Attack“.  Bounding across the stage with energy, pumping up the already excited crowd – they made a good impression on me – so much so that I am on the lookout for their cd.   Their set provided the stadium with plenty of music to dance to, and while the stage was being reworked for Pink’s entry – a DJ provided the right atmosphere to keep the energy high.  I was really impressed to hear so great 80’s sounds mixed in pnau and more!!

And then it was time for P!NK!!

Seriously, this girl can sing! 

Second disclaimer – I’m going to talk about some of the songs now and the great theatrics of the night – so if you don’t want to know…. skip to the next blog entry….

Starting with some AC/DC the crowd jumped to their feet as Pink rose from her hiding spot and was swung from the top of the catwalk to the mainstage. Yep she was on a trapeze! 

Playing music from AC/DC, to the Divinyls, Eurythmics, and Gnarls Barkley, Pink got the stadium up and dancing with a set that included old hits like “Family Portrait” and “Stupid Girls” all the way through to her new Funhouse album.

Would I go see Pink again?  YEP!!  Even though my seats were practically in a different postcode to the stage – I would definitely see her live again.

Who would you see live in concert?  Are they coming on tour soon??


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One Response to “P!NK CONCERT!! So what!?!”

  1. Tanisha aka Baby nisha Says:

    PINK is alright but she can sing for sho.I don’t really like ACDC.Some of their songs r coool. KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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