Adventure story swap


What is a story swap? Basically, it’s where people get together and each tells a story, either fact or fiction. We thought we’d give story swapping a try right here on blurb it. Feel free to add your own story, in the comments or via your own post.


My wife and I travelled extensively in outback Australia in the 1970s. Back in those days you could travel outback roads and not see another vehicle or people for days. The roads were rough and in many spots unsealed, a real challenge at times. We owned a station wagon and had it setup for camping and we could sleep in the back if needed. This is a story of what happened on one of our trips.

It had been a long day of travelling for us and the sundown was fast approaching. We knew that we could not make the next town by dark. Travelling at night could be dangerous due to chances of hitting wildlife or cattle and this could have serious consequences for animals, people and vehicles. We decided to stop and camp for the night. Sunset found us in a quiet spot off the highway, campfire lit and tea cooking. Tired and weary from a long day of driving, we had an early night. I was awoken later by the sounds of a car driving by and the occupants yelling and yahooing. They sounded drunk and while I was little concerned, I thought “we are well hidden from the road and it is very dark, so no one will know we are herein” and fell asleep again.

The next time I was woken up, things were a lot scarier. I could hear someone or something crashing around in the bush very close to our car. My first thought was of the car full of people I had heard earlier in the night. Had they found us? What did they want? Why were they crashing through the bush around our car? Whoever was out there was very close. I was very worried, this was not a good place to be surrounded by drunk louts. I woke my wife and told her to be very quiet. The crashing and noise was very loud and close, it sounded like there was a few people out there now.

Luckily the night was cold and so the car windows were wound up and doors locked from inside. We were safe inside the car. I decided to climb over to the drivers seat, start the car and drive like crazy out of there. First, I grabbed our torch and the tyre iron (I was now very worried). I shone the torch out the window and my heart nearly stopped. In the torch light, pressed up against the window was a face peering in at us. My wife SCREAMED, I just about hit the roof of the car, I jumped so high. My wife screamed again and the face in the window went, MOOOOOOOOO.

The face staring back at me was a cow’s face. My wife and I hopped out of the car and looked around. A herd of cows were walking right through our campsite and one curious cow had decide to check out what was in the car. After the cows had moved on and we had calmed down, we could see the funny side but for a very short time I had been terrified. We travelled on the next day without any further incidents. When I think about this story I can see that cow’s face in the torch light as if it just happened yesterday.

This my story. Let’s  hear back from all  you out there. Post your  funny, sad, happy or adventure stories and have some fun.


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2 Responses to “Adventure story swap”

  1. DJ Says:

    Great story! I did have a giggle at work when I read it. I look forward to more!

  2. Melli (library staff) Says:

    What a story! Glad you made it out alive.

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